2017 Team

If you could create a 10 man team consisting of players from the 2017 draft class to compete in today's NBA who would you pick for your team? How many games do you think the team could win? How many years would it take them to make the playoffs?

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Josh Jackson


Z Collins

6th: Jayson Tatum

I think the inside-outside big threat would compliment well. Kennard and Fultz would Ben a great backcourt combo similar to Wall-Beal, and the Scottie Pippen/Iggy (jack of all trades guy) to round out the weaknesses of the others. Tatum gives you flexibility at the 2,3,and 4. I say they Winn 30-35 games and make the playoffs in 2-3 years.

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My Team

My team would start Ball, Fultz, Jackson, Tatum, and Bam. Off the bench I would bring Smith Jr., Mitchell, Issac, Markkanen, and Patton. This team provides a good mix of Defense, shooting, and ball movement. I think they could win 30-36 games and make the playoffs by their third season in the league.

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2017 role players

We only know the basics of the 2017 draft class right now. We won't be saying the same things we are saying about the 2017 draft class 5 years from now that we are saying at first glance (this year) role players play a very important role for a team and lots of times those players are not easy to find at first glance. Often times the role players of a draft class take years to actually develop into role players. And it also depends on how the team that drafts a certain player develops them, and oftentimes it depends on the player themselves and whether or not they have the dedication and concentration it takes to develop their game. So I don't think a lot of our teams would make the playoffs in the first year. It might take at least 3-4 years for that too happen because we weren't able to add the role players until the end simply because we didn't know about them at first.

I will post my team at a different time.

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Pg: Ball

Sg: Fultz

Sf: Tatum

Pf: Markannen

C: Adebayo

Back Ups: Fox, Donovan Mitchell, Josh Jackson, John Collins, Jarrett Allen

This is a classic modern NBA lineup with a scoring combo 2 guard, stretch 4, athletic 5, pass first 1, and an all around 3.

For my back ups, Fox works as a change of pace back up pg. Allen and Jackson defend. Mitchell and Collins can score.

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First year Starters: Dennis

First year Starters: Dennis Smith Jr., Markelle Fultz, Jayson Tatum, Lauri Markannen, Bam Adebayo

Backups: Donovan Mitchell, Luke Kennard, Josh Jackson, Caleb Swanigan, Jarrett Allen

My team has a little bit of everything, role players, players to build around, shooting, and defense.

I chose the starters for the first year based on how developed and how much those will be able to contribute for their specific teams. The first year we will have a lot of offense but not so much defense. My team will have the potential to be a great defensive team but the first year we won't be their yet. So I'd say we'd win about 25-30 games.

2nd year: depending on how much players develop I might switch Tatum for Jackson. Maybe even trade him for a player like Zach Collins. (This is only if his defense translates and he doesn't depend so much on his outside shot) So that gives us about 30-35 wins

Year 3: I think I might change the starting lineup again. If that trade to get Zach Collins works then I'd start him for Bam. (I'd probably do this in yr 2 as well) If not then I'd switch Allen for Bam. But I'd keep Bam and maybestart himat Power forward. This year we will get 40-45 wins and come just short of the playoffs. Which means we make the playoffs after 4 yrs.

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Starters: PG Lonzo Ball SG


PG Lonzo Ball

SG Markelle Fultz

SF Josh Jackson

PF Jayson Tatum

C Bam Adebayo


PG Dennis Smith, Jr.

SG Luke Kennard

SF Johnathan Isaac

PF Caleb Swanigan

C Jordan Bell

I want overall depth. Some of everything led by Lonzo as my pass-first floor leader with Tatum being my go-to scorer in the mid-range, Fultz as my off-ball dynamic scorer, and Josh Jackson as your classic slasher/wing man. I like Adebayo inside as your basic center who can rebound, block some shots, and control the paint.

Off the bench, Smith, Jr is my go-to score-first point guard with Kennard as your classic, crafty, off the bench 2 guard. Isaac gives you some of everything at the forward spot off the bench. I can see him playing some 3, 4, or even the 5 in smaller lineups. This is the new NBA but you still need a big man who can score, so I am going with Caleb Swanigan as my backup power forward. Jordan Bell can effect the game, defend, grab some boards, and block a few shots, not really needing to score to be highly effective. But, he can finish with some power dunks.

Also thought about going with Fox, Markannen, and Kyle Kuzma.

I can see some small ball lineups but still 6'6 and taller with Lonzo, Josh Jackson, Tatum, Isaac, and Bam.

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More of my team's development.

I chose this team because it has a lot of opportunity for growth yet not so bad offensively right out of the gate. I think that by year 4 we would surprise a lot of teams with our depth and therefore in year 5 we go further in the playoffs, thus by year 6 or 7 we make it to the finals. And by year 8 we win our first championship.

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Starters: Fox, Kennard,

Starters: Fox, Kennard, Jackson, Tatum, Bam

Bench: Ball, Fultz, Smith, Isaasc, Markannen

As a Sixers fan, tough not fully buying into Fultz yet but I'm just staying true to my feeling that Jackson is gonna be the best player of this draft. Been saying it for years. He's going to be a superstar one day.And Fox (to me) has the eye of the tiger. His hustle is something else. Add Tatum and Kennard as your shooters and Bam down low and you have a nice mix of shooting and defense in the starting lineup. The bench would be nasty too.

Still, its a team full of rookies. I'd give them 25-30 wins max. But years down the line if they put selfishness aside, they would be contenders.

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