2016 vs 2015 NBA Draft

2016 vs 2015 NBA Draft

Any HS Basketball fans here?

It looks like the top 3 prospects in the country for the upcoming HS Senior class are Ben Simmons, Ivan Rabb and Malik Newman in no particular order.

Has anyone seen these guys live, or enough video to provide some insights?

From what I've seen, the top of the 2016 draft seems stronger than 2015. I'm still to be convinced that guys like Mudiay, Okafor, Towns have superstar potential, and think the 3 I listed in the following class have more talent.

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Don't forget Stephen

Don't forget Stephen Zimmerman in '15.

I think ben simmons will be #1 in '16

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I've seen Zimmerman footage.

I've seen Zimmerman footage. I like him too. If he can shoot out to the NBA 3, he looks like a perfect modern day big who can play 4 or 5. Would you say similar to Kieth Van Horn (the 20ppg version at New Jersey)?

And Simmons looks like a can't miss pro. He doesn't have 1 skill that stands out compared to NBA competition, but does everything really well. Perhaps his ball handling for his size, because he can get the rebound and run the break.

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Harry Giles is my pick for

Harry Giles is my pick for top in 2016, especially if he comes back from his knee injury unchanged.

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Harry Giles is 2017 draft

Harry Giles is 2017 draft wise

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Yes, but if the NBA changes the rule wouldn't it take place before the 2016 draft. Probably making the 2016 draft extremely bad because no one and dones would be in it. Right?

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trust me

Zimmerman is not that good as advertise his team mates are better than him Ivan rob destroyed him when they played against him

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i agree

I agree 2015 nba draft probably wont have that many star freshmen BUT emmanuel mudiay is the best prospect in the nation no matter what class. The only franchise talent i've seen

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