2015 Eastern Conference All Stars

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2015 Eastern Conference All Stars

Based on last years fan voting of Irving, Wade were runaway leaders for guards and James, George and Anthony runaway forwards and Love getting voted into the West, do you think there is a repeat chance and the CAVS have 3 all star game starters. I would start with playoff teams. Cavs- James, Irving, Love Bulls-Rose? If healthy, Noah Raptors-Derozan or Lowry but not both Heat- Wade? If healthy, Bosh Wizards- Wall Bobcats- Jefferson, Knicks- Anthony-

Guards- Starters- Irving & Wade or Rose whoever has better stats and team standings. Bench- Derozan, Wade, Wall, Stephenson sneaks in if Rosé or Wade gets injured

Forwards-Starters- James, Anthony, Love gets fan vote due to George injury. Bench- Bosh, Noah, Jefferson,

The 12 th man probably goes to 8 th seed contenders like Hawks Horford or Brooklyn's Joe Johnson but could also see a higher seed get an additional player like Raptors Lowry or Wizards Beal. I don't see monster stats from non playoff teams like the West where Davis and Cousins both might put up 24 pts, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks(Cousins)-3 blks(Davis)1.5 steals but Drummond might be the closest with 18 pts & 15 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1.5 steals which might be enough to get the nod for the 7 th big in the East and go with 5 guards. I don't think either conference should go with 6 guards.

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A healthy Rondo could easily

A healthy Rondo could easily make it too. PG position is as deep as ever.

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With the fan voting system nowadays, as long as he is having a good season and staying healthy, Rose will probably start in the game over Kyrie. I am not saying who is better than the other (because the jury is still out with the lack of Rose games we have seen recently), just that Rose has as many fans if not more than Kyrie.

Like omphalos said, the point guard position is deep in the Eastern conference. I am going to guess that the starting line-up will be Rose - Wade - James - Anthony - Love.

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