2014 Top Recruits Landing Spots

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2014 Top Recruits Landing Spots

If you are like me, the second every senior commits to a school you instantly start looking at the next class and want everyone to make their decision that day. So I'm curious to know how everyone sees the class ending up.

My Top Recruits Landing Spots goes as follows

Jahlil Okafor-
Even though stating a month after Jabari Parker made his decision saying "Just because he is from Chicago and going to Duke doesn't mean I want to go, I want to make my own name". I still see him heading to the Blue Devils. Even though his best fit would be with Izzo and the Spartans since Izzo can develop bigs into something magical no matter the name.

Cliff Alexander-
This one seems to be a lock. I have heard reports the kid loves MSU and visits the campus and much as possible. Also the fact every recruiting site says its MSU's to lose. So I'm picking MSU

Tyus Jones-
Since the Jahlil and Jones package seems to be a sure thing that means he is heading to Duke as well. I swear im not a fanboy( maybe a little) but his best fit would be MSU and the Spartans. Jahlil and Cliff to pass the ball to and Izzo treats his point guards like Kings. But he will still thrive under Coach K.

Trey Lyles-
Its hard for anyone to pass up a Kentucky offer. I believe him and Towns form the 1 2 punch Kentucky wants inside. I thought Butler could maybe sneak in but I think with Stevens gone that option is out the door.

Emmanuelle Mudiay-
He is built for Kentucky Basketball. They need their guards and he has pointed all signs to going there.

Myles Turner-
This one is hard to track since he has burst on to the scene. But with his recent comments about Kansas I think they are the front runners to land him. But Kentucky has been there all summer watching him but i dont think that will be enough to lure him away from Kansas.

Personally I want to see someone else besides Kansas,Duke, Kentucky get a Superteam. Hence my picking of the Spartans. Its not like its a wild pick either It would be a great place for them to get the right coaching they need.

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Boy going to MSU this would

Boy going to MSU this would make me incredibly happy. Doubtful we get all 3 butIm betting on getting Alexander

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I see Tyus Jones going to

I see Tyus Jones going to Duke. Coach K's system is perfect for point guards and gives them a lot of freedom to create and freelance. I really question Jahlil Okafor going to Duke. Recent big men such as Shavlik Randolph, Josh McRoberts and Miles Plumlee just did not develop at all in the Duke system. Josh McRoberts was a consensus number one recruit coming out of high school and ended up being drafted in the second round. Duke's three-happy offense will kill Okafor's development. This is a perfect case of going to a school for the best fit over going somewhere just because you want to play with your friend. Michigan State would be the best fit for Okafor's development.

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I'm really interested to see

I'm really interested to see where Justice Winslow is headed to. Any word?

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Okafor- Duke- Seems like

Okafor- Duke----- Seems like Jones and him have been destined for Duke for a while. The only other option I could see happening is him and Jones going to separate schools and Okafor attending Ohio State. I believe in the end they'll attend Duke together.

Alexander- Kansas----- MSU and UK were considered the leaders for the last year but the last month or so KU has entered the picture and made a major push. In fact on 247sports KU makes up 13 of the 21 predictions for Alexander by recruiting analysts. He is attending KU's late night and is not officially visiting MSU or UK. We'll see but its not too often at all you see a recruit visit other schools for his 5 official visits and then choose a school he didn't visit.

Jones- Duke----- MSU seems to be the team for Jones for a while now. I don't see him going anywhere else.

Trey Lyles- UK----- Louisville or UK for him. I put it at about 60/40 for UK right now. Wouldn't be surprised if he's a Louisville Cardinal though.

Emmanuelle Mudiay- UK----- Seems like he's been a UK lock for a while now.

Myles Turner- Undecided------ Not really sure on Turner. I think he waits till the spring to decide and Alexander commits to KU before he does. I think he waits till the spring to decide and see who leaves to go pro. If Embiid goes pro I can see him joining Alexander at KU. If Dakari Johnson goes pro I could see him joining Lyles and Towns at UK as well. Oklahoma State is a dark horse in this recruitment as well. They've been on him long time, long before he blew up.

And I think Justice Winslow joins Jones and Okafor at Duke.

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