2014 Super Team Forming

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2014 Super Team Forming

The 2014 HS Class is on the verge of forming another super team once again.

Tyus Jones, Jahlil Okafor and Cliff Alexander are looking to team up together in college. Their leading choices are Kentucky, Kansas and Michigan State.

Where do you see them going? Impact they will have on the college game?

Personally I see Michigan State being the favorite for these 3 to end up.

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According to Dave Telep

According to Dave Telep, Justise Winslow might be looking to team up with them too.

I wouldn't mind seeing them go anywhere except Kentucky lol, I don't want UK to end up with a monopoly on top recruits for the next decade

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Agreed with the Kentucky monopoly, but strictly from an NBA standpoint that might not be a terrible thing. Coach Cal has done the best job getting guys to tap into their potential of all the other very good D1 coaches.

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I think Duke leads for Jones

I think Duke leads for Jones and Okafor.

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If that's the case

Then Cliff won't be joining them at Duke. K isn't recruiting him. But Jones, JO, and Winslow class with Allen would be fine.

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I'm in the class on 2014, I

I'm in the class on 2014, I want in, lol.

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First of all @aamir you're

First of all @aamir you're making me feel old haha. Second of all I don't see them going to MSU, it's not just much of a "super team"" one and done kind of culture there, not saying Izzo wouldn't love to have them though. I'd like to see it at Kansas opposed to Kentucky as well.

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I can not imagine the three

I can not imagine the three of them going to Kentucky. Between WCS, Dakari Johnson, and Marcus Lee surely at least one is going to stay another season. Add in Karl Towns Jr and that gives you 2-3 solid starting Centers. Okafor would get his minutes, but I do not know about Alexander and the logjam at that position would be ridiculous.

Overall I just don't see it working out from either side. I think UK will do fine with Towns, the stay-overs from this years Super Team, and the other guys they'll surely pick up. Likewise this trio can do a lot better than UK if they truly want to be on the court together.

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Cliff Alexander is going to

Cliff Alexander is going to go to Michigan State.

This isn't really a "super team". I've watched Okafor and Alexander in person, they are not on the same tier as the top guys come out in this year's loaded class.

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For some reason I've always

For some reason I've always felt like Tyus will go to Duke. He just seems like a Duke type of player, but I couldn't really see them all going there. Definitely will be interesting to see what happens.

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Karl Towns has already

Karl Towns has already commited to UK. If they added both Okafor and Alexander in addition to that, their frontcourt would be absolutely loaded, and someone would get snuffed out of some minutes.

Going to Kansas would also hurt Joel Embiids chance of getting minutes (provided he doesn't make a bad choice of being one and done).

I'm not a huge fan of superteams, but if I had to pick I wouldn't mind the idea of them at Michagan State.

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Am I the only person who

Am I the only person who wants them to pick a school that has very little basketball history and be remembered forever for their accomplishments. You cant talk michigan basketball without talking about the fab five. At Kentucky the guys are just another recruiting class. If they go to a team like purdue (not purdue specifically just someone similar) where they have some history but not very much and are always around come march and take them to the final four or a championship, they will be remembered forever there

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Jones and Okafor recruiting

Jones and Okafor recruiting Alexander is only a recent development. I heard Duke is in the lead for Winslow. Okafor's rumored to want to follow his buddy Jabari to Duke. Jones and Okafor wanting to play together has been the longstanding rumor that is pretty much a lock to happen. If Duke ends up with all 3, I'd have no problem with that. At least they'll be a super team playing under a good coach.

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This might not mean much in

This might not mean much in the end...Shabazz, Rodney Purvis, and Alex Murphy said the same thing

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