2014 NBA Draft: "Potential all-stars"

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2014 NBA Draft: "Potential all-stars"

So this draft has been called very deep, "potentially" the best class since 2003...the 2003 draft produced 8 players that made all-star game appearances...perennials- Lebron, Carmelo, Bosh, D.Wade...& the others Chris Kaman(1), David West(2), Josh Howard(1), Mo Williams (1)..."If" this has 8 potential all-stars, these are my picks:

5+ all star games-Wiggins,Parker,Randle,Smart

& the others- Embiid, McBuckets, Payne, G.Harris

these are my picks based on their skill sets, what I've seen of them in college & Summer League, not necessarily on where they landed in the draft...Who are your picks?...

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kind of difficult to project what rookies will become stars in the league and which ones will benefit from stars around them sooner.

Who knows, I don't really think it was that great a draft for all stars after the top 3 despite the plethora of likely starter level prospects all the way into the 2nd round this yr.

I think in their rookie seasons smart and randle and now that he's been traded probably wiggins will have plenty of minutes,but as far as who has the best odds of proving this draft was a great one right out of the gate? not many.

I give the lesser hyped rooks like payton,warren,mcbuckets,mcgary,and young just as much a shot at being stars in this league as others taken higher like randle,exum,and parker.

I think that Wiggins,Embiid,Smart and probably the likes of Lavine, Vonleh and Young are in the best group for rewards such as allstar game appearences and championships

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