2014 Nba Draft potential

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2014 Nba Draft potential

What you guys think about the possibility of these players coming out after the year and what there outlook is for the season?

Chris Walker- if he gets enrolled lol assuming he comes in later in season ala Jarnell Stokes

Laquinton Ross

James Young

Aaron Harrison- seems for all the love his twin PG brother gets I wonder why he really slides under the radar.

Garry Harris

What the chances of these players coming out for the draft after the season and obviously what do you guys think they will do this season?

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A lot depends on the season

A lot depends on the season they have. I don't think Chris Walker will come out. Espicially if he can't play until 2nd semester.

I don't see James Young coming out.

Aaron Harrison will definitely come out if his brother does. Twins seem to always enter the draft together.

Gary Harris is already projected as a late lotto type player so he will likely come out and if LaQuinton Ross shows that his NCAA tournament success was no fluke he will certainly come out as well.

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Chris Walker - not

Chris Walker - not ready
LaQuinton Ross - not ready
James Young - ready
Aaron Harrison - not ready..I think both twins would do some good staying at least 2
Gary Harris - ready

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As for the Kentucky guys, I'm

As for the Kentucky guys, I'm not a huge fan of either of the Harrison Twins, James Young will probably beat out Aaron for a starting spot at UK in my opinion. He looks like he has much better NBA potential than the twins to me.

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I think Chris Walker will try

I think Chris Walker will try to leave ASAP regardless of his eligibility or how well he actually plays. From all his interviews that I've read, he sees himself as a one and done-r. Seems like a delusional kid who doesn't realize just how raw and unready his game is. Doesn't sound like he cares for school either.

L.Ross, I expect him to make a quantum leap this yr. He should be the Buckeyes' top scoring option and if he continues to mix up attacking the basket with his outside shooting like he did at the end of the season I expect him to be in the mix mid to late first.

Young might not get enough minutes to show what he's capable of really doing. Ideally he'd stay 2 yrs so he could be featured more for 2015, but he's too skilled, has solid intangibles and great length to pass up entering the draft.

Not crazy about the other twin. I think he has a lot to learn about organized basketball. His shot selection is young JR Smith-like, but he doesn't nearly have the athleticism of young JR. His shot selection is really poor. Being a volume scoring, bad shot-taking wing being forced to play a complementary role with fewer shots available could be a problem for him.

Gary Harris should be lotto. The trend of certain wings (smart, high character, high intangible wings who can defend) being drafted early the past couple of yrs favors Harris.

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I agree with AirMclemore,

I agree with AirMclemore, James Young should start over Aaron Harrison. I wouldn't start the twins together because when they're both on the floor, they like to only play a two man game and I think Coach Cal is going to realize this sooner rather than later.

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i hate how all the scouting

i hate how all the scouting services rank them so close together, just cause they r twins they shouldnt be so close. This always happens. Out of alllll of the players in the whole country you mean to tell me these 2 twin brothers are within 3 spots of each other? hell no

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