2014 mock draft on top 10

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2014 mock draft on top 10

I have decided to mock the top 10 of the 2014 nba draft. The team rankings are based off last years standings:

1. Orlando - Andrew Wiggins - The consensus #1, just too much talent for any team to pass up on.

2. Bobcats - Jabari Parker - The Bobcats go BPA here and will sort out the MKG situation later.

3. Cavaliers - Joel Embiid - As the Cavs passed on Jonas and Noel in past draft this time they finally draft one. Joel Embiid is a highly coordinated and uber athletic shot blocker from Cameroon.

4. Phoenix - Julius Randle - A steal at #4 providing the Suns with an elite level front-court.

5.Pelicans - Dario Saric - As a pelicans fan this would be a dream come true. Saric can start at the 3 alongside THE BROW. BTW this pick belongs to the pelicans because the trade was top 5 protected.

6. Kings - Marcus Smart - Kings get their starting point of the future with the best team leader in the draft.

7. Pistons - Glenn Robinson III - Pistons get a highly skilled 3 to start right away.

8. Wizards - Aaron Gordon - Not fan of Aaron Gordon however he would make an extremely exciting fast break even more exciting.

9. Timberwolves - Gary Harris - Twolves add an elite shooter to start at the 2.

10. Blazers - Wayne Seldon - Portland add an elite athlete and lights out shooter who may even start over Wesley Matthews from day 1.

Please feel free to neg me, but if so tell me why.

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Buddy, I just don't really feel like this is necessary this early. I mean, this past draft just happened what? A week ago? The next college basketball season nor NBA season has started yet, so I just don't see the point in starting 2014 mock drafts already. Give it some time man. I love making mock drafts as much as anyone, but prospects jump up and down boards all of the time, and teams that were bad in the NBA won't necessarily be bad next year. I just think that it is a big waste of time to be completely honest. I'd much, much rather see conversations about potential trades or free agent signings, than top ten lists of prospects who may not even be at the top next year. It just seems like too much is going on to care about something that it 50 weeks away.

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"Kings - Marcus Smart - Kings

"Kings - Marcus Smart - Kings get their starting point of the future"

Didn't they just get Greivis Vaquez?

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Smart is more of a Wade combo

Smart is more of a Wade combo guard than really a point guard. He'll spend more time at SG. He has a SG's body. His PG skills aren't that develop to lead an offense, but he's still a great passer for a SG.

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