2014 3rd Tier

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2014 3rd Tier

The top prospects are that most people agree on are all very well-known. The top 6 players are Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Smart, Embiid and Exum. Some would include Gordon in there but he is definitely in with that second group of guys (Semaj, Harris, Selden, GRIII, McDermott). There obviously are a number of players who can be debated as to just which tier they are in, especially this early in the season. But my question is which players from the supposed 3rd tier of players are you higher on then most and would possibly take over some "second tier" guy? Which player has a chance to not be drafted in the lottery thanks to this top heavy draft class, and go on to be a special player?

The originally reason I thought of this question is concerning the Bulls and their possible two draft picks in a potentially epic draft. Sure they will probably be later picks in the 15-24 range, but I am still excited. If it was any indication how the Bulls played against Utah, Wiggins will be in Chicago. The team looked terrible and as if they didn't want to be there. I thought Noah was trying to get kicked out. The front office has said they will not "tank" but I feel like this teams knows it doesn't have a chance and the Derrick's injury(s) has and will continue to haunt them mentally. I won't be surprised if their own pick is on the lower end of the 15-24 range while they fill in the 7th or 8th spot in the East. So I am looking for two players and asked you who do you like from the 3rd tier?

Two players that have stood out to me early so far that might fall in that range, probably either will not come out, or go in the lottery. They are Jabari Bird and Noah Vonleh. Does anyone think there is a chance Bird comes out this year? I love his stroke, has good size, good passer, doesn't force the issue, shows good effort. I want to see him attack more but that is one of few complaints. Vonleh should probably be listed with the second grouping because of his potential but I am hoping he falls. Other players I like from the 3rd tier are Payne, Carson, Harrell, and would through Chris Walker in there as well. Jerami Grant really impressed me last night but is he a good or bad type of tweener?

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If we are going by tier's I

If we are going by tier's I would like to put Jerami Grant,Jahii Carson, Adrien Payne,Mitch Mcgary Possibly Khem Birch and Roscoe Smith in that bunch. I'm not sure what to make of Chris Walker. He is 6'9 or 6'10 with long arms and a lot of bounce and quickness but he doesn't have much skill on offense other than layups and dunks. Also his frame will not carry a bunch of weight from the look of it.

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The priblem with this

The priblem with this question is that the tiers are far from established.

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Speaking if tiers, check this out and tell me what you think.

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If the Bulls don't think someone they like will fall far a smart move may be to move up. Let's say their picks end up being 15 and 20... they could package those 2 plus next year's first or this year's second to move up to the 10-12 range. Getting a high quality prospect would probably be more important to them since they aren't looking to rebuild and already have plenty of young talent in Butler, Teague, Snell, and Mirotic. A team with a lot of holes to fill and have a lot of faith in the depth of this draft would be happy to accept that deal.

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