2014-2015 Cleveland Cavaliers

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2014-2015 Cleveland Cavaliers

That one sided trade where Cleveland traded 2012 1st rounder-Zeller, 2013 1st rounder- S Karasev, 2016 1st rounder and J Jack now makes sense. It opens up roster spots for Lebron James former teammates. Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis all interested. All are veteran minimum candidates and fit in nicely with young potential on their rookie contracts. Really hoping they don't trade for Love and see how the Canadians progress with Lebron to show them the way. They have Wiggins on rookie contract, Irving locked up for next 6 years around 15 per. They will have flexibility and depth. Lebron knew four years ago they needed to retool.

PG- Irving, Delladova ( should reach out to Chalmers)

SG- Wiggins, Waiters ( will be top 6 man or small ball with Wiggins playing 3), Allen

SF- James, Mike Miller, Bennett, Joe Harris(2nd rounder)

PF- Thompson, Bennett, Rashard Lewis, Powell (2nd rounder)

C-A Varejo, Chris Andersen, B Haywood

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Its unbelievable to think

Its unbelievable to think Cleveland has potentially THREE first round picks next year. This team has a potential to create something special.

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With the Cavs going after

With the Cavs going after Allen, i think that either Waiters or Wiggins will be traded away soon.

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So the Cavs will trade

So the Cavs will trade Waiters or Wiggins away because they're potentially going to sign a 38 yea old vet??

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Would the wolves

I wonder if Clev can get Min to bite on Waiters, Bennett, Thompson, and like the top two of those picks. That package is better than the Warriors one. Should be interesting.

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As a Twolves fan I would be

As a Twolves fan I would be fine with that if the Cavs took Kevin Martin off of us because doing that trade would mean we would be going into another 2 to 4 year rebuild without a potential superstar like wiggins. Then Minnesota could trade Pekovic for what every young player or picks they could get for him and tank this next year and be set up with a bunch of young players/assets for the future.

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They should go after Mo

They should go after Mo Williams. Not calling this a reunion but heard that he doesn't wanna stay in Portland. Williams was the perfect backup PG for Lillard last year

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i think Steve Blake already

i think Steve Blake already has his #25 jersey

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will cavaliers go back to

will cavaliers go back to their dark red/gold jersey's from LeBron era?

Those looked so much better to me lol

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This could be one of the

This could be one of the faster turn arounds you can see if Cavs add more pieces. They go from 25-30 wins and living in the lottery to being a real threat if they can get those younger players to grow up quick.

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I think Birdman will go to

I think Birdman will go to the Mavs, assuming Parsons gets matched by Houston.

But I think Allen and Miller are essentially locks, great fits too, this team is going to be so damn fun to watch.

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I dont want them to trade

I dont want them to trade Wiggins. Think it would be a mistake.

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I really like the idea of the

I really like the idea of the Cavs getting those old Heat vets. Mike Miller can really shoot the 3, and can also rebound a bit. Ray Allen is the best pure shooter of all time, and money from 3 when left open. He can also score, too. Birdman can protect the paint, rebound, and get some dunks. Rashard Lewis would give them a stretch four.

One thing that hurt the Heat last year was DEPTH. The Spurs had extra guys that could shoot and make plays.

This reloaded Cavs team would have that with those veteran signings with LeBron being the alpha dog and Kyrie Irving being the sidekick. Waiter and Wiggins would be the young X factors on the perimeter.

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