2013 Nominees for the NBA Hall of Fame Class were Announced..Payton Seems like a Lock..But Who Else Will GETS IN?

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2013 Nominees for the NBA Hall of Fame Class were Announced..Payton Seems like a Lock..But Who Else Will GETS IN?

9 Time NBA All Star Gary Payton headlines the List of nominees for the Class of 2013 ....Other Notable Players Nominated were Kevin Johnson,Bernard King,Marques Johnson,Mitch Richmond,Vlade Divac,Oscar Schmidt,Tim Hardaway,Rudy Tomjanovich,Maurice Cheeks,Paul Westphal,Spencer Haywood & Sarunas Marciulionus..Gary Payton appears to be a surefire lock to get in on his 1st Ballot..

Here are 5 Guys i think will also get in this year.....

1.Oscar Schmidt-Played in 5 Olympics for his country....Some say he's 1 of the best players that never played in the NBA...

2.Bernard King-Maybe 1 of the most underrated players in league history,but injuries took a huge chuck of his career.....4 Time All Star...NBA Scoring Champ in 1985....2 Time ALL NBA 1st Team....1 Time ALL NBA 2nd and 1 Time All NBA 2nd Team...Career averages of 22 pts/5 rbs/3 asts........

3.Marques Johnson-5 Time NBA All Star,2 Time ALL NBA 2nd Team.....College Player of the Year in 1977..Helped lead the Milwaukee Bucks to 5 Straight Division Titles from 1980 to 1984...Some say he coined the phase Point Forward....

4.Spencer Haywood-2 Time NBA 1st Team...1 Time NBA 2nd Team..4 Time All Star...NBA Champion in 1980...ABA MVP in 1970....Career averages of 20 pts/10 rbs........

5.Rudy Tomjanovich-Might get in as a coach....

As much as i loved watching Mitch Richmond,Tim Hardaway and Kevin Johnson,i doubt they'll make it this year....

The Finalists will be Announced at All Star Weekend in Houston........

Gary Payton headlines Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 2013 nominees | The Point Forward via @SINow

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Good choices

I find it hard to argue with those choices, but have a feeling that Marques Johnson might get bumped for Vlade Divac, as he's simply a bigger name and has the universal appeal that always goes down well.

2 World Championships and 2 Olympic Silver Medals

One of the first big name European players to make the transition to the NBA

FIBA Top 50 all-time player (1991)
FIBA Top 50 Euroleague Contributor (2008)

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i wouldnt put any of those 5

i wouldnt put any of those 5 besides bernard king in yet..

if i had to choose from that list it goes like this

tim hardaway

gary payton

vlade divac

bernard king

mitch richmond .

id still even put mo cheeks in over some of those others.

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I think Tim Hardaway "gay

I think Tim Hardaway "gay bashed" his way out of a chance at the HOF... if a voter has a gay friend or relative, I'm not sure they'd pull the trigger on doing Hardaway any favors. However, since the infamous "I hate gay people" incident Hardaway is now a spokes person for the "LGBT" if you can believe it.

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divac, johnson, richmond

None in a class with the rest.....Schmidt, Payton and King should be automatics

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I forgot how much of a beast

I forgot how much of a beast Bernard King was. He is virtually unknown by people under the age of 26.

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