2013 Nike Hoop Summit Set For Portland’s Rose Garden On April 20

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2013 Nike Hoop Summit Set For Portland’s Rose Garden On April 20

Have been lucky enough to go to 4 of the past 5 Nike Hoop Summits, only missing 2009's game (International team won, was working that day unfortunately). As I constantly explain to most people I end up meeting, the Hoop Summit features 10 of the best high school seniors in the US taking 10-12 highly thought of prospects in the International ranks. While most HS All-Star games tend to be high scoring and play limited defense, this one usually gets pretty competitive as the idea of winning for your country comes into play.

Since the 2011 game, which featured the obvious chemistry of Kentucky's trio of freshman starters for their 2012 championship team, Austin Rivers putting up buckets and Bismack Biyombo triple-doubling his way onto the Bobcats, have gotten to do write-up's of the game for Last year was the first year I went to practices, this year am hoping to do the same. Andrew Wiggins was the biggest story last year, with Dario Saric, Anthony Bennett and Wang Zhelin also standing out for the International team. Definite leadership was provided by Leo Westermann.

The USA's performance last year was a tad disappointing. Not only did they lose a practice scrimmage to guys who were described as "Club Sports finest" (that is the fitness club across the street from the Trail Blazers practice facility, where most practices were held), the big men besides Nerlens Noel had next to nothing to show for the game. Shabazz Muhammad finished with the top scoring performance in Hoop Summit history with 35 points, as he at times seemed like the teams only source of offense. In what was considered a relatively "weak" HS Class by depth/talent standards, 2013 should bring a welcome addition of top talent.

Here are the details as posted by USA basketball:

Also, just for fun, I came up with a "mock Team USA" going by my feelings of how Hoop Summit players are usually chosen. Last years team did not have a lot of previous "Team USA" experience, think only Tony Parker and Kyle Anderson had been involved before hand. Most years, I feel they try to not only take top prospects, but also prospects they are familiar with and have played for USA basketball. Also, Nike affiliation tends to be prevalent. Not mandatory, just prevalent. So, here are my predicts for a 10 man team USA 2013:

PG Andrew Harrison, Conner Frankamp

SG Aaron Harrison, Sindarius Thornwell

SF Jabari Parker, James Young

PF Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon

C Dakari Johnson, Beejay Anya

This team would have 4 members of last years Gold Medal winning U17 team (Frankamp, Parker, Johnson and Anya), with 5 if you consider the fact that Aaron Gordon would have likely been included had he not gotten hurt in the summer. Randle played for the U18 team this past summer as well and while the Harrison twins did not make the team, I am guessing USA basketball would love to have them included here. If Randle cannot play due to his previous injury, I would think Austin Nichols would be a strong possibility as I believe he almost made the U18 squad.

With James Young and Sindarius Thornwell, both were standouts at the Nike Global Challenge, with Young earning USA MVP and Thornwell having some monster scoring games. I personally would love to see Noah Vonleh make the team, with Kasey Hill and Chris Walker also both guys I would very much like to see in person here, just have a feeling they might not be on the final roster. Unfortunately, it is ten of the best, not always THE ten best.

A couple of last notes, would not be surprised if Rondae Jefferson or Nigel Williams-Goss made the final roster (Williams-Goss is from Oregon and super solid, Jefferson played on the Team USA 3x3 team) and believe Anya takes a spot due to his connections with DeMatha coach Mike Jones, who may very well be a head coaching candidate for the team this year after being an assistant last year under Kevin Boyle. If any of the players I mentioned before were there instead of Anya, I would be fine with it (though I am super interested to see if his wingspan is actually the 7-9 that it was reported to be a while back. My guess is no, though his wingspan is apparently still REALLY long).

As far as International details, REALLY hoping Andrew Wiggins makes a return appearance. Dario Saric Would still be 19 technically and okay to play, though am thinking that Mario Hezonja is the representative from Croatia this year. Their are sometimes two from the same country, just have a feeling Saric does not make a third appearance. Also have heard rumblings that Mam Jaiteh of France, who has interest in entering this years draft, might be there as well. Otherwise, I have a list of people I have been keeping an eye on for the game this season that I would post if people were interested.

Looking forward to finding out the rosters over the next couple of months and keeping everyone updated with the latest goings on before and after the game!

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MikeyV youre so close to 10K

MikeyV youre so close to 10K points!

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I'm interested in hearing who

I'm interested in hearing who you think for the World Team. Dante Exum? Lucas Silva Dias?

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I will post it when I get home

Do not have my list of potential guys here right now, though will say I think Dante Exum will more than likely be a guy on the team next year as I believe he is planning on playing a year of HS ball in the US and will be part of the HS class of 2014. Know that Exum took an official visit to Indiana, plus his dad Cecil played for UNC. Am almost sure he will get a chance to play in this game at some point, just not sure if it will be this year or next.

The site that shall remain nameless has him at #11 on their current 2014 Mock, though have not heard anything about him going to college for the 2013-14 season. Juniors are now allowed official visits supposedly, so his visit to Indiana is not necessarily a definite sign of reclassifying. He is technically class of 2013 from an age standpoint, though from everything I have read and heard, he will more than likely have a year in HS at a US prep school (Montverde, Findlay, Oak Hill etc.) before going to college.

I have Lucas Dias Silva on the list and think he is a definite possibility as I know he played very well over the summer. Not sure what his status is regarding a possibility of playing in the NCAA, though that does not matter in this case anyway. He is playing for Pinheiros, a pro team in Brazil, at the moment, so I am thinking he might make a move to Europe possibly. Still, the Hoop Summit likes to get a wide base of players and usually at least one from South America.

Will say that I believe their will once again be a second Canadian and while I know Xavier Rathan-Mayes is Andrew Wiggins boy, just do not be surprised if Tyler Ennis made it as the second Canuck. I personally like Ennis more as a prospect, he is a floor general, actually won Gatorade Player of the Year last year for New Jersey over Kyle Anderson. Having another great year at St. Benedict's, think he would be a nice PG to have on this team as X is more of a SG.

Have also seen the site that shall remain nameless throw out the names Boris Dallo (guard from France) and Clint Capela (playing some Pro A ball in France, from Switzerland). Last year only had three guys that played HS domestically (Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and Patson Siame), so do not know how many they may take. Moses Kingsley (Nigeria, plays with Wiggins at Huntington), John Egbunu (Nigeria) and Mamadou Ndiaye (Senegal, though I read in an article that he is not allowed to talk to the media, so do not know if he gets a free pass here where the media will definitely be in abundance) all seem like guys who could be candidates who play HS in the US.

Also think Wang Zhelin would be eligible once again, Shang Gao had a big NJIT last year and Nike Global Challenge so I could see him being China's representative. Sergey Karasev from Russia also is only 19 and while born in 1993, could be a possibility as a couple of 1992 guys were on the team last year. Think the general rule is, if you are not 20 before the game, it is cool. Once I get home I will post a watch list and I suppose a roster prediction, though expect my one for the US to be much more accurate. Would be surprised if I got half the roster right for the International team :).

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Any chance Mario Hezjona

Any chance Mario Hezjona comes in and.dominates? Would love to see that happen as I would love to see Wiggins, Saric, n Hezjona play Parker, Randle and Harrison.

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From Serbia

From Serbia, I supose it would be Nikola Milutinov or Vasilije Micic

Milutinov plays center in Partizan. He is 6'11, born 94. Very mobile, high basketball IQ, soft hands, but needs to add some muscle. Play some minutes in Euroleague this year

Vasilije Micic plays PG in Mega Vizura. He is 6'5, born 94. Very strong, good defender, good slasher, not so good shooter, had injure last year which slows his development

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2013 Hoop Summit International Watch List
  • Andrew Wiggins (Canada) (Played last year, I hope and think this year as well)
  • Wang Zhelin? (China) (Played last year)
  • Dario Saric? (Croatia) (Played last year)
  • Mario Hezonja (Croatia)
  • Mouhammadou Jaiteh (France)
  • Tyler Ennis (Canada)
  • Clint Capela (Switzerland)
  • Boris Dallo (France)
  • Xavier Rathan-Mayes (Canada)
  • Rasmus Larsen (Denmark)
  • Joel Embiid (Cameroon)
  • Moses Kingsley (Nigeria)
  • Lucas Dias Silva (Brazil)
  • John Egbunu (Nigeria)
  • Mamadou Ndiaye (Senegal)
  • Gavin Schilling (Germany)
  • James Birsen (Turkey)
  • Nikola Ivanovic (Montenegro)
  • Shang Gao (China)
  • Artem Klimenko (Russia)
  • Sergey Karasev (Russia)
  • Edvinas Seskus (Lithuania)
  • Mehmet Sanli (Turkey)
  • Nick Spires (Sweden)
  • Tai Jack Webster (New Zealand)
  • Dominik Mavra (Croatia)
  • Aleksandar Vezenkov (Bulgaria)
  • Guillermo Hernangomez (Spain)
  • Lucas Dias Silva (Brazil)
  • Gabriel Deck (Argentina)
  • Dimitrios Agravanis (Greece)
  • Kenan Sipahi (Turkey)
  • Mikhail Kulagin (Russia)
  • Marko Mugosa (Montenegro)
  • Marcus Eriksson (Sweden)
  • Albert Homs (Spain)
  • Luke Nelson (England)
  • Doko Salic (Serbia)
  • Alex Abrines (Spain)
  • Nikola Jankovic (Serbia)
  • Nedim Buza (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Jusuf Nurkic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Tomas Dimsa (Lithuania)
  • Djordje Micic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Yannis Morin (France)
  • Maodo Nguirane (Senegal)
  • Tridon Makonda (Congo)
  • Beka Burjanadze (Georgia)
  • Alezandre Zhigulin (Kazakhstan)

Well, these are 50 names to look out for if anything, as well as possible candidates for this years game. If they do indeed take an underclassmen, as they did last year with Wiggins, than Dante Exum (Australia) and Karl Towns (Dominican Republic) could be in the running, as well as Ben Simmons (Australia). If I had to make a guess for the team this year, his goes nothing:

PG Nikola Ivanovic (Montenegro), Tyler Ennis (Canada)

SG Mario Hezonja (Croatia), Boris Dallo (France), Shang Gao (China)

SF Andrew Wiggins (Canada), Edvinas Seskus (Lithuania)

PF Clint Capela (Switzerland), Rasmus Larsen (Denmark)

C Mouhammadou Jaiteh (France), Joel Embiid (Cameroon), Guillermo Hernangomez (Spain)

They usually have 12. My guess is for competitive balance sake, they leave Saric off the team. Wiggins and Hezonja should be two of the best players in the game. Of course everyone would love to see the best against the best, just does not always happen that way. Never know what these guys schedules are like. This does not take place during McDonald's or Jordan Brand, but one never knows the process behind selection and the politics behind it as well. Odds are, they do not get all of their first choices, as I am sure they would love to have as many future NBA guys as possible.

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I would also think that

I would also think that Marius Grigonis from Lithuania will get a strong look. He is really interesting prospect 6'6 SF/PG, very skilled, sneaky athlete. Was named to the '12 European U18 all tournament team where he led Lithuanian squad to silver medals. I also really like Gabriel Deck, not like NBA prospect though, but he was just unstopable at u17 worlds.

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What do you think about Troy

What do you think about Troy Williams (Oak Hill) on the team? He had a great Nike Global Challenge and had the highest scoring average for American players.

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I think the rule is that the

I think the rule is that the oldest senior of the US Team is the reference point for the international team. Last year Mitch McGary was the oldest born in 92 so 92 born international players were allowed to play. This year the oldest is 94 I guess so all the 93 born internationals would not be eligible.

I don't think Saric will play. It would be his 3rd time and he is also a key player for his team. But even without him it has to be the best international squad ever. Especially if Karl Towns plays, which I think is possible. When Wiggins played last year he was a sophomore, Towns is a Junior and also the same age as most of the others.
But a team like this against the very good US Team would make for a hell of a match.
Though Im sure the team will not look like this as some players won't or can't participate. But this is just an incredibly talented team.

PG: Nikola Ivanovic, Vasilije Micic
SG: Mario Hezonja, Dante Exum, Boris Dallo
SF: Andrew Wiggins, Xavier Rathan-Mayes
PF: Karl Towns, Clint Capela
C: Mam Jaiteh, Guillermo Hernangomez, Lucas Silva

btw, next years team could be just as good with Exum (If he doesn't reclassify), Hezonja, Karl Towns, Trey Lyles, Illimane Diop, Gabriel Deck, Lucas Silva, Ben Simmons. Or the Chinese Kid Zhou Qi. That frontcourt would just be too good.

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All this international talk and only one Greek mentioned? The 'cism is strong in this thread.

But I do love this all star game the most out of the ones played at the end of the season. I wish the Jordan Brand International game could make tv too.

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No, Saric won't be there.

No, Saric won't be there. Nikola Ivanovic as well, he is importat player of his Buducnost Podgiorica

btw., this year 97. born generation for Jordan iternational game might be best ever

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One more name as a possible international

Sure there are many more, just one that I had forgotten to list. Luckily enough, was looking up some info on him and saw he had a new video from City League Hoops following a 28/24 performance at the Penny Hardaway Hoops Fest. His name is Sebastian Saiz from Spain, playing at Sunrise Christian Academy in Kansas. Saiz and Sunrise teammate Janari Joesaar of Estonia are both committed to Ole Miss. Saiz is said to be an athletic 6-9 and one blogger said, "he's a tougher version of Pau Gasol." Hard to take that claim to seriously, just is a guy to maybe look out for and a possible selection for this years Hoop Summit.

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Wow I remember playing

Wow I remember playing against Sindarius last year, we held him to 12 points on 3-14 shooting, didnt realize he was this good! Respect

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Knew I missed one

Rondae Jefferson announced over twitter that he is on the team. Would replace him in my predictions over Sindarius Thornwell. Guess we will see the rest of the team announced at 2 pm today on ESPNU (a channel I do not have in Canada). The Hoop Summit will announce the USA rosters during the St. Benedict's/Montrose Christian game at the Hoophall Classic. The International rosters are usually announced a month (or even a few weeks) before the game. Eurohopes had tweeted that Mam Jaiteh, Mario Hezonja and Clint Capela had all been invited.

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