2013 Nike Hoop Summit Post

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i think

people forget the comparisons on these guys are what they can be, they don't have as much time to develop their skills in college and definatly not in high school. they gotta pay attention to school as well so they can play, opposed to nba guys who have more time to perfect their game. I think with the majority of these players once they have more time to focus on their game you will see them make vast improvements.

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MY notes from the game

Jean- Charles is a very active player... May have an NBA future as a hustle guy who can finish and get garbage buckets, his jumper looks decent too.
Harrison Brothers- I've never been big on them, after today my feelings stayed the same. Absolutely nothing stands out to me about them except that they are twins.
Julius Randle- Beast, looks to attack the paint and will dominate in College... Must work on mid range and give better effort on Defense.
Jabari Parker- Great all around player, off day shooting but you know he can shoot it. Qucik and athletic enough to play either forward spot. Probably the best player in the class.
Andrew Wiggins- Super athletic pogo stick, must work on polishing skills and jump shot but don't worry, he'll be a star for sure. Probable number 1 pick in 2014
Dennis Schroeder- Lightning quick Pg with Impressive High Basketball, (looks funny as H3LL) but can play LOL
Aaron Gordon- Thank GOD the Aaron Gordon hype can stop now! Super Athletic, needs serious work on his jumper. Right now does not look like a one and done. Reminds me of James McAdoo

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