2013 Nike Hoop Summit Post

About to head over to the Rose Garden, wanted to give a small breakdown and maybe some info that people might not have heard yet. Also feel free to use this as a game thread. The game is at 7 EST/4 PST and will be shown on ESPN 2 (sorry Canada, could not get confirmation of whether TSN or Sportsnet were going to show it, even with reps out here).

Here are my predicted starters for each team


Dennis Schroeder

Andrew Wiggins

Sergey Karasev

Livio Jean Charles

Mouhammadou Jaiteh

6-8 in rotation: Dante Exum, Karl Towns, Tomas Dimsa


Kasey Hill

Aaron Harrison

Jabari Parker

Aaron Gordon

Julius Randle

6-8 in rotation: Andrew Harrison, Rondae Jefferson, Noah Vonleh

Here is my breakdown of the first three days of International practice, so you can get an idea of what the World Team brings to the table:


As for the US Team, you should know that they really had only two true practices as compared to 6 for the World (actually, even more as they had some without media). Julius Randle, The Harrison's, Aaron Gordon, Bobby Portis and Kasey Hill were the only players at the Thursday early afternoon practice, which did not go incredibly hard. That was because both coaches, Mike Jones and Cory Alexander, along with Jabari Parker, Noah Vonleh, Rondae Jefferson and Demetrius Jackson were stuck in Chicago due to bad weather. They came in only a short while before the pushed back practice that night.

So, if the World Team did not already look strong enough, they have definite chemistry and play much more as a team. From top to bottom the US is more athletic, but the World has of course the best athlete in Wiggins along with PG's with speed in Schroeder and Exum. Not to mention if Joel Embiid can get in there and stay inside, he will be hard for the centerless US to guard, though I am not expecting a major impact in this one from said big fella.

As for quick thoughts on the US team:

  • Jabari Parker: Has easily been there best player in the practices, highly developed offensive skill set. They have trouble scoring without him on the floor. Could probably stand to lose some weight, but is not a bad athlete and has a good head on his shoulders.
  • Julius Randle: Incredibly strong for his age and could really be tough on offense facing the basket against the slower World bigs (Jaiteh, Towns). He was bothered quite a bit by former Texas player Clint Chapman in the scrimmages when he was close to the basket, though.
  • Kasey Hill: Nice shooter, has been the best PG as far as running a team. Has a little pop, definite toughness and some penetrating ability as well. I have him starting, could be Andrew Harrison, just figure that for offensive purposes, would probably be best to have at least one Harrison on the court, especially if Jabari is not in the game.
  • Aaron Gordon: The athleticism is impressive, he does have energy, but the skill set can use quite a bit of work. His shot is pretty much jacked at this point, he releases on the way down and I do not think he has much confidence in it. He measured at 6-9, just feel he is probably a tad shorter, though his other dimensions were a tad greater than Julius Randle. Minus 36 pounds, of course.
  • Andrew Harrison: Think he is definitely the twin with the most upside and he has played better in practice. I like his shooting mechanics more than Aaron as well. Have Aaron starting as he is "the shooting guard" of the two, just if we are going by practice, Andrew starts with Kasey. Just figure they may want him on the court with Demetrius Jackson.
  • Aaron Harrison: Has been wildly erratic. He can score, he is big and he is a nice athlete, obvious he knows the game. Just seems like at times he tries to do too much, which has led to quite a few bad plays, turnovers. Interested to see what he does in the game, just has kind of shown why Andrew is the more highly regarded prospect at this point.
  • Rondae Jefferson: He may not have close to a complete offensive skill set, his jumper is inconsistent, but man does he have defensive potential. Easily the best perimeter defender on the team, with a 7-1 wingspan look for Jefferson to get minutes trying to hinder Wiggins and Karasev. He is more of a role guy than a star down the line, just has played with strong energy and has annoyed the heck out of people with his defense during scrimmages.
  • Noah Vonleh: Still feel his best days are in front of him, Noah shows some flashes of why I believe he is a likely future lottery pick. His arms are ridiculous, 7-4 wingspan and while I think he may be closer to 6-9 than the almost 6-10 he was measured at, he looks like a stretch 4 with mismatch potential. Could see him playing center in the game and I might think of starting him, but am not the coach. Hits the glass hard and even drained a couple triples in a row during the third quarter of scrimmages to give the US a comfortable lead.
  • Bobby Portis: Another long, pretty versatile player. More of a finesse guy to me, though that is not all bad. Do not think he is 6-11 like he was measured, still should be a combo 4/5 at Arkansas. He has a really low release point on his shot, so it is not really pretty and will likely need some work. As the tallest player on the team, look for him to get some minutes to combat the size advantage of the World's three headed monster at center.
  • Demetrius Jackson: Not a bad athlete, just kind of small (shorter than Kasey Hill in my opinion) and not really much of a standout. He plays hard, have not really seen a lot of distributing ability. Should have some nice time to get ready at the college level behind Eric Atkins and Jerian Grant, looks like a 4 year guy.

My prediction is the World winning 95-84. Should be a great game regardless, having fun watching it and I will be sure to hit back with more info following the game!

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i think

people forget the comparisons on these guys are what they can be, they don't have as much time to develop their skills in college and definatly not in high school. they gotta pay attention to school as well so they can play, opposed to nba guys who have more time to perfect their game. I think with the majority of these players once they have more time to focus on their game you will see them make vast improvements.

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MY notes from the game

Jean- Charles is a very active player... May have an NBA future as a hustle guy who can finish and get garbage buckets, his jumper looks decent too.
Harrison Brothers- I've never been big on them, after today my feelings stayed the same. Absolutely nothing stands out to me about them except that they are twins.
Julius Randle- Beast, looks to attack the paint and will dominate in College... Must work on mid range and give better effort on Defense.
Jabari Parker- Great all around player, off day shooting but you know he can shoot it. Qucik and athletic enough to play either forward spot. Probably the best player in the class.
Andrew Wiggins- Super athletic pogo stick, must work on polishing skills and jump shot but don't worry, he'll be a star for sure. Probable number 1 pick in 2014
Dennis Schroeder- Lightning quick Pg with Impressive High Basketball, (looks funny as H3LL) but can play LOL
Aaron Gordon- Thank GOD the Aaron Gordon hype can stop now! Super Athletic, needs serious work on his jumper. Right now does not look like a one and done. Reminds me of James McAdoo

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