2013 Mock Lottery

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2013 Mock Lottery

What're everyones Mock Lotteries?

1: Ben McLemore - Orlando
2: Nerlens Noel - Charlotte
3: Victor Oladipo - Phoenix
4: Otto Porter - Cleveland
5: Trey Burke - New Orleans
6: Cody Zeller - Sacramento
7: Alex Len - Detroit
8: Shabazz Muhammad
9: Steven Adams - Minnesota
10: Rudy Gobery - Philly
11: Kelly Olynyk - Portland
12: Michael Carter-Williams - OKC
13: Mason Plumlee - Dallas
14: CJ McCollum - Utah


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Why did you put Phoenix ahead

Why did you put Phoenix ahead of Cleveland? Also Portland and Philly are reversed..

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First thought, you have the

First thought, you have the current draft order wrong. Granted we still have the Draft Lottery to determine the true order at the end of the month though.

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Orlando Nerlens Noel Bobcats

Orlando Nerlens Noel
Bobcats Ben McLemore
Cavs Otto Porter
Suns Anthony Bennett
Hornets Shabazz Muhammed(I switch Bennett and mohammed around all the time, so I don't know who Phoenix or new olreans will pick who
Kings Trey Burke
Pistons Giannis Adetokunbo (here is where it gets tough. Oladipo is too much of a stretch, and they already have knight and Calderon and stuckey so Oladipo doesn't really fit. They drafted Drummond last year and already have Monroe so Zeller or Len doesn't fit either. Porter would fit best but the Cavs have already taken him, so I think they will reach for the international unknown from Greece. They will probably keep him overseas though until they are ready to bring him in)
Wizards Cody Zeller
Wolves Alex Len
Blazers Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Him and lillard would be an awesome combo in the backcourt, and they can move Matthews to the bench as a sixth man, which would really help their poor bench. Pope could also come off the bench as the main shooter and scorer. So just who they need)
Sixers CJ McCollum (Im not quite sure about mccollum's passing ability. I think Philly could build an of fence similar to milwaukee's or how golden state's used to be. I think McCollum would be a really good backcourt mate for holiday. He can shoot and score much better than Turner ever could. So Turner could start at the 3 or play as a sixth man off the bench. Overall McCollum I think is the best fit)
Thunder Victor Oladipo (Both Carter-Williams and Oladipo would fit here. But I feel that Oladipo is the better fit because they already have a stud at point guard in Westbrook, so Carter-Williams wouldnt be able to show off his vision too well but he would in Dallas, so that's why I have Oladipo to the Thunder and Williams to the Mavs)
Mavs Michael Carter-Williams
Jazz Steven Adams (I had Olynyk here before but I feel Olynyk is too much of a stretch 4 for Utah. They could use that kind of player off the bench but the potential in Adams is just too much to pass up. Now if Kanter ever gets hurt again or his knees give out on him then Adams can be used instead and they won't falter too much. They do need a point guard but McCollum is gone and so is Carter-Williams, Schroeder, Kabongo and Green are way too much of a reach and they still have another pick, 7 picks down, so they can use that one on a point guard where Green, Kabongo or Schroeder make a lot more sense.)

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No possible way Oladipo falls

No possible way Oladipo falls that far.

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Why would the timberwolves go

Why would the timberwolves go big. They need a shooting guard who can score badly. Hopefully shved improves, and having another scorer on the bench or starting would really help them

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This lottery is really tough

This lottery is really tough to call because with so many players going back to school a lot of guys can jump up or fall out based on team needs. I did mine based on team needs and who I feel the team would draft if they had the chance.

1: Nerlens Noel - Orlando
2: Ben Mclemore - Charlotte
3: Otto Porter- Cleveland
4: Victor Oladipo - Phoenix
5: Shabazz Muhammad - New Orleans (I think Shabazz will be a top 5 pick at the end of the day. Plus I think he fits better with the Pelicans. If New Orleans decides to trade Gordon Shabazz can play the 2 or he can play the 3 alongside Gordon)
6: Trey Burke - Sacramento
7: Anthony Bennett - Detroit
8: Cody Zeller-Wizards
9: KCP or Archie Goodwin - Minnesota (It was hard for me to predict because like the poster above me said, Minny needs a two guard. I think these are the next best 2 guards and I think when it's all said and done Goodwin has a good chance to go lottery based on team needs. But based on Minnesota already having Rubio, I think Kentavious Caldwell Pope fits better because he is a better shooter than Goodwin and he plays better off the ball)
10: Alex Len - Philly
11: Kelly Olynyk - Portland
12: Rudy Gobert - OKC
13: Steven Adams or Archie Goodwin - Dallas (Dallas needs a big and a two guard now that OJ Mayo has chosen to opt out and become a free agent. But with the cap space Dallas has, they can sign an established player at any of those positions so its a matter of who they feel is worth drafting.
14: CJ McCollum or MCW - Utah

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