2013 McDonald's All-American Powerade Jam Fest, Monday practice, around the twittersphere

With the Final Four decided, we are breaking into the season of high school All-Star games and of course the usually highly entertaining college three point and dunk contest as well. First up is the McDonald's All-American game, where the participants have been in town over the weekend and morning practices were beginning today. Names I have heard of standouts so far are the standards: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison and Aaron Gordon.

The McDonald's Dunk Contest can be exciting at times, though has had its lack of flair and is usually MUCH more exciting with some STAR POWER. Well, think we might be in for maybe the best one in history:

. Unofficial dunk contest so far is , , , , , & Jarell Martin.

So, that would be, unofficially:

  • Andrew Wiggins: People might want to check his NBADraft.net profile, as I have tons of articles, including recent ones posting about his alleged 44 inch vertical he tested with at the Team Canada U18 training camp. Plus, have that ridiculous senior highlight film
  • Aaron Gordon: As much as he may not have the speed of Blake Griffin, he has some definite lift and is very explosive. As USA Today's Jason Jordan tweeted, Gordon did a between the legs dunk. In a scrimmage. In the half court set!
  • Jabari Parker: Rivals Eric Bossi said that Jabari looked "springy" in practice. For those disappointed when they watched him on ESPN when they faced DeSoto, think you missed the real Jabari Parker. Seems to be back in shape and back to being a potential All-Star down the line.
  • Chris Walker: Lanky Florida commit has some serious ups and should be nice to watch in the contest.
  • Rondae Jefferson
  • Jarrell Martin

The final rounds for the Jam Fest are supposedly going to be broadcast tonight at 8 pm CT (Central time, as it is in Chicago) on ESPNU. Have heard that Keith Frazier and Matt Jones will be amongst the three point shootout contestants. Will try to confirm participants, just wanted to give an idea and a thread where people can share their thoughts or what they have heard.

A few more tweets about the Monday Morning practices:


The Boy's East Team just finished practice. Julius Randle, Andrew Wiggins and Keith Frazier stood out. Randle is a monster.


Andrew Wiggins starts out a 3 point shooting drill hitting 6 of 7 from behind the arc. Showing his range


Practice has ended for the Boy's West Team. Jabari Parker and Aaron Gordon dominated their side of practice this morning.


Best player on both practice courts - East and West - Aaron Gordon. Having a motor is UNDEFEATED!


Impressed w LSU recruit Jarell Martin so far. Size, athletic, skilled.


Chris Walker looking great athletically. No surprise.


Jabari Parker is just unreal. His skills are so off the charts and the best thing is how well he integrates and maximizes them.


Cat Barber has really been running things well for the East. Got a great feel. Working well with Isaiah Hicks.


Andrew Wiggins has been the best player on the floor.

(A tad contradictory to his Aaron Gordon tweet, though I'll forgive it)


Let's back off pure for Keith Frazier. Athletic, confident jumper. Has a bad recoil on follow through. NBA type shooter, nonetheless


UNC recruit Isaiah Hicks can really move his feet defensively at 6-9. Mitch McGary has demonstrated value of that skill.

Well, that is all for now, will leave people with one last thing. I know someone posted about this earlier, but their is a video that Larry Vaught had asking Andrew Wiggins about Kentucky's recruiting class. Andrew looks pretty happy talking about it, says "we" when referring to it and now UK fans think they may have a 7th All-American, not to mention most peoples #1 player in the HS Class of 2013. While I can't put too much into this video, it certainly does not rule out Andrew Wiggins potentially joining the BBN.

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I really hope he doesn't go

I really hope he doesn't go to UK. They are exciting enough next year without him. I hope he goes to UNC so he can go head to head against Parker at least twice.

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Thanks for the info. Been

Thanks for the info. Been looking forward to this All American game for a while now. Haven't been this excited to see one since the 2007 one.

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i have always been telling it

i have always been telling it and I will continue.. for me Julius Randle is a lock top3 (personally clear favourite at #2 for 2014 draft) little Blake little C-Webb little Mike Beasley..he is a stud..

just show me ANY article where people doesn't tell he looked like a monster??

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Yeah I personally have Randle

Yeah I personally have Randle #2 as well.

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I loveee Keith Frazier's

I loveee Keith Frazier's game, remember when he was a top 10 consensus player. Now he's vastly underrated.

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When is the dunk contest/3

When is the dunk contest/3 point contest coming on TV? I know game is the 3rd at 9:30 EST.

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They do this at the gym at my

They do this at the gym at my school. Bout to see Gordan and Wiggins hops firsthand.

Also the 3pt shoot out is gonna be ugly. These rims stiff af

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It starts at 7 so probably

It starts at 7 so probably 7:30 after the chicks go

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More news

Powerade Jam Fest coverage starts tonight at 8 CT/9 ET on ESPNU. Am guessing they will probably show more coverage of it before the game on Wednesday. Have not gotten a solid list of competitors besides the one posted earlier. Heard their were 8, though also heard reports that Jarrell Martin will remove himself from the contest to rest his knee. Sounds like at least Wiggins, Gordon, Walker, Jefferson and Parker will be in it, also heard the names Cat Barber and Demetrius Jackson.

Here are some highlights of Aaron Gordon doing some dunks in practice:

Ben Roberts, who writes the "Next Cats" blog for the Lexington Herald-Leader also had a bunch of info. Among them:

  • Andrew Harrison claims that if he plays Aaron one-on-one 10 times, Aaron probably wins 7 of those games. Not that it means he is the better prospect, just feel he gets slept on a bit, plus he is the scoring guard of the duo.
  • All the recruits, including Dakari Johnson, are really happy Willie Cauley-Stein is said to be coming back.
  • Julius Randle has been deferring to Wiggins quite a bit and has tried to show him that he would get a lot of touches if he chose UK
  • Marcus Lee and James Young were both nursing injuries. Lee, who is a great athlete, will not be taking part in the dunk contest tonight and had a tight back that he was icing. James Young got elbowed in the hip by Aaron Gordon during practice and sat most of it out. Sounds like he is also out for the dunk contest. Both said they were fine and should be good for the game.
  • No one seems to think that Aaron Gordon is headed to UK. Most are predicting Arizona, with Oregon having an outside chance. As much as I would love him to be a Duck, looking like Zona is the favorite.
  • Evan Daniels reported Steve Alford called Gordon about UCLA, but Gordon said "It was too late". Fans of schools pursuing Gordon collectively breathe a sigh of relief on that one.
  • A GM told Dave Telep he sees 5 potential perennial All-Stars in this group: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Andrew Harrison
  • Roberts says he still believes Wiggins ends up at Kentucky. Than again, writes the Kentucky column, though does not predict the same for Aaron Gordon.
  • Dakari Johnson looks good running the floor. Have to say, kid seems to be in very good shape. Nice little clip here:

Finally, another ballislife mix on Monday practice:

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Jabari looks a lot more

Jabari looks a lot more bouncy.

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I've been saying all along

I've been saying all along people are really underrating Jabari acting like he is going to be some backup band behind Wiggins. He is going to be unreal. So much skill, so smooth, so good. Can't wait for Duke next year, or college bball in general.

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woww looks like scouts are

woww looks like scouts are going CRAZYYYYY..

can't wait for this and all of the upcoming game tooo..

I have a feeling we don't even imagine how great of the class we are looking at..

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I am going to miss the

I am going to miss the game...do you guys know if someone will upload it?

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