2013 High School

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2013 High School

Out Of the top 30 rankings(rivals) what 3 do you think will have a great college career(season)
What 5 do you think turn out to flop?

-Noah Vonleh, Hasn't shown anything my eyes don't deceive he's just measurables with a average skill set.
-Aaron Gordon, Types in google tweener his face pop up.
-Chris Walker, He's just an athlete.

-Julius Randle, Has the physical tools and skill set that should allow him to be a dominant inside/out threat with ball handling ability.
-Wayne Selden, I think the moment he steps on campus he will be the most physically gifted player on the team and should get offensive touches frequently. I don't know if he will match Mclemore's #'s but I feel he will have a similar impact on the the young Kansas team.
-Andrew Wiggins, Sorry to jump ship like everybody else. Sky is the limit, let's just see if he puts it all together. Ya'll expect so much don't get it, and it's Harrison Barnes 2.0 as far as expectations. Doubt it though. His athleticism makes him a safe bet to be productive.

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Completely agree with all of

Completely agree with all of them and probably most of us fellow users will too,but I wouldnt put Chris Walker in the flop group, because he is a great athlete that loves to compete.When you put those 2 together,you get a player that develops skill and becomes good.
But I still do agree with the rest of them and my list would look the same

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Andrew Harrison isn't getting enough hype. He's going to abuse opposing point guards with his size and strength. Power guard in every sense of the word

Jabari Parker is guaranteed to be a productive pro. I think the Carmelo comparisons are a little overblown but he'll be very good.

I have my questions about Kasey Hill though. He's a good athlete but he's pretty small and got abused in the Hoop Summit game. I think he'll be a very good college player but I'm skeptical about his pro prospects.

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