2013 Draft Class

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2013 Draft Class

People have been saying that 2013 Draft Class is historically weak, yes there may not be many "all star" caliber players, any at that, in this draft, but i do think that this draft has the most depth in recent years, and holds many players that will become important role players and starters in years to come. The only people i can see that could become all stars in this draft are:

Oladipo (if he explodes onto the scene)
Noel (If he developed a great offensive game)

and if he improved and developed into a more versatile player, Shabazz Muhammad, but i think its very unlikely that he will become an all-star caliber player.

It has great depth all the way through till near the end of the second draft with people like Mike Muscala who could develop into a great role player or a back up centre for a contending team one day.

What do you guys think?

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What does "exploding onto the

What does "exploding onto the scene" mean?

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This draft isn't deep, last

This draft isn't deep, last year draft was and considered deep. This draft is about as shallow as it gets. C'mon who gave this idea ?

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Let me go and list all the

Let me go and list all the players that I think could play a big role on teams. Future starters and nice backups. This is no particular order, and I am doing this to show how deep this draft is. May not be star-studded but it is deep.
Nerlens Noel, Ben McLemore, Shabazz, Bennett, Len, Burke, Porter, Oladipo, Caldwell-Pope, McCollum, Olynyk, Cody Zeller, Steven Adams, Schroeder, Larkin, Dieng, Erick Green, Kabongo, Withey, Ricky Ledo, Archie Goodwin, Nate Wolters, Isaiah Canaan, CJ Leslie, Tony Mitchell, Deshaun Thomas, Ray McCallum, Allen Crabbe, Reggie Bullock, Adonis Thomas, Jaiteh, Jean Charles, Muscala.

Need I go on? I'm sure I missed some, I did this without any reference, just off the top of my head. Yeah, I think that settles it, this draft is deep, just like every draft is. It may be full of role players, but that is not a bad commodity to have. Without role players, you can't win a championship, and isn't that what every team's goal is?

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At least 15 players in this

At least 15 players in this draft have talent and potential to be an all-star. But most aren't projected to be.

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