2013-14 Rookie's Last 5 games

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2013-14 Rookie's Last 5 games

There was no secret about the lack of franchise players, or even projected All-Stars in the draft class of 2013. This class of rookies didn't exactly make a strong case otherwise during the first half of the season, but I have noticed some guys who had disappointing first halves showing signs of life lately now that a lot of teams bound for the lotto have given way to expanded minutes towards their more youthful players.

Here are some past 5 game splits from some guys I've noticed upping their games, complete with two second rounders and an undrafted free agent.

Ray McCallum - 17.6 ppg 4 rpg 6.6 apg 1 spg - 42%/35%/53%

Ben McLemore - 14 ppg 2.8 rpg 1.4 apg .8 spg .4 bpg - 42%/41%/83%

Jeff Withey - 6.6 ppg 4 rpg 1.8 bpg - 71%/0%/87%

Shabazz Muhammad - 6.2 ppg ( in only 7.8 mpg ) - 85%/100%/50%

Gorgui Dieng - 11.2 ppg 9.6 rpg .8 bpg 1.4 spg - 78%/0%/73%

Matthew Dellavedova - 8.6 ppg 2.8 rpg 5.2 apg - 50%/59%/63%

Feel free to add players you've noticed take the leap over the rookie wall.

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cody zeeler

cody zeller turned it up a little bit too. 9.8 ppg 5 rpg 73% fg in 18.6 mpg.

think ray mccallum may be a steal for the kings.

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I've always thought McCallum

I've always thought McCallum and Dieng would be successful given the opportunity, however, Dellavedova has definitely been a surprise.

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Mason Plumlee - 9 pts/7

Mason Plumlee - 9 pts/7 rbs/57% fg/2 blks in his last 3 games...His blocks and energetic play have helped keep the Nets afloat .....

Mike Muscala-Spent part of this season overseas, looks like a keeper..Despite limited minutes he's shown he could contributor to their team next season...

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We were watching the Kings

We were watching the Kings game last night and i was thinking if they fail to land in the top 3...Would they select Marcus Smart if he's available? Thomas might be the most improved player in the league and McCallum has been impressive lately...

Thomas & McCallum can be productive starters,but are better suited for backup roles..

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Interesting point as always

Interesting point as always by Joe Wolf, rookies often start to get significant minutes at this stage of the season so this has happened before down the years.

Also worth noting the two most productive players in Joe's list are both on the Kings' roster, it might be worth keeping an eye on that team early next season as with proven scorers already in Gay, Thomas and DMC plus another high pick to come and young talent like Derrick Williams on the bench they could be a breakout team next year.

Their major issue is lack of assists and points allowed so you can make a draft case for Smart but they already have a nice backcourt with Thomas, McCallum and McLemore and I don't see how Thomas and Smart could play together unless Smart guarded the SG on defence. Personally I see the Kings' biggest need being PF so if they didn't get a shot at Embiid or didn't feel that DMC and Embiid could be a natural fit with one playing PF then they would have Parker as a live option to play either SF or PF going forward depending on what happens to Gay.

If the Kings were picking outside the top 3, I wonder if Noah Vonleh could be the best natural fit for them, the guy is a combo forward who with his wingspan would give them needed perimeter defence whist DMC controlled the paint. Also Vonleh isn't considered a go to scorer so would not need as many touches as if they drafted a backcourt player or a SF.

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I really wanted him, but Snell turned out well for us. I always thought he would be a 10 year rotation big who never would be a starter.

For those of you who watch the Pelicans: How is he handling the physicality of NBA centers? Is he getting pushed around or is he able to hold his position defensively?

Anything that can keep AD at PF is a good think for NO to try and keep him healthy...

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Gorgui Dieng gonna have a

Gorgui Dieng gonna have a long career, peapole who count him out should be embarrassed, "never underestimate the heart of a champion"...

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Withey swatting a couple

Withey swatting a couple shots a game in the NBA. Awesome.

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So angry Shabazz is on the

So angry Shabazz is on the Timberwolves.. Don't feel like he'll get a shot unless with a new team

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I was surprised when

I was surprised when Dellavadova did not get drafted. I think he's definitely worth a spot on the bench.

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Has been shooting over 50 from the field and 40 from 3. Rebounding a lot too.

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I'm not sure how the Cavs can be so good getting 2nd round and undrafted talent but so horrible at 1st rounders.

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