2013-14 Big Ten/Top Prospects By Position

Being a huge Big Ten fan, I wanted to take a crack at the early 2013-14 positional rankings;

Aaron Craft
Andre Hollins
Keith Appling
Yogi Ferrell
Ronnie Johnson

Gary Harris
Ben Brust
Nik Stauskas
Roy Devyn-Marble
Lenzelle Smith Jr.

Glenn Robinson III
Branden Dawson
Will Sheehey
Sam Thompson
Joseph Bertrand

Noah Vonleh
Sam Dekker
Aaron White
LaQuinton Ross
Ross Travis

Mitch McGary
A.J. Hammons
Adreian Payne
Adam Woodbury
Alex Olah

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Alot of talented guys in this

Alot of talented guys in this conference like Robinson & Harris..Both could've been lotto picks this year...

AJ Hammonds might be a lotto pick if he develops as much as i think he will...He also has to work on his conditioning.....

I also like Dekker, nba teams are high on him..

McGary will be a top 10 pick, no matter who comes out.....

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Adreian Payne is a power

Adreian Payne is a power forward exclusively.I like Devyn-Marble better then brust and stauskas, he could really break out thia year. I hope others aren't too high on branden dawson.... as an MSU student I hope he stays until his senior year.

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Noah Vonleh really is a small

Noah Vonleh really is a small forward

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Aaron Craft is not the top

Aaron Craft is not the top point guard. More like 3rd or 4th? Laquinton Ross is a sf and might be a better prospect than Thompson. They are also both better than Sheehey.

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Tim Frazier the fifth year

Tim Frazier the fifth year senior from Penn St over Ronnie Johnson, but solid list

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I wouldn't be surprised if

I wouldn't be surprised if Yogi can leap towards the top spot. I have seen five/six games of Indiana last season and in those games he impressed me. I'm not that big on Appling, not much of a floor leader and I also doubt his decision making in crunch situations.

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It makes me very happy to see

It makes me very happy to see so many guys from the state of Indiana on this list. I actually used to play with and against Yogi when we were younger. He played up a grade but was still usually the best player on the court. Unbelievable court vision for someone that young. Glad to see him doing so well.

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