2012 NBA Draft: the Re-Draft according the NBA Countdown

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2012 NBA Draft: the Re-Draft according the NBA Countdown

I am speechless and appalled by what these guys came up with. I find Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons highly credible and Magic to be a self serving/terrible "expert" analyst but I completely disagree on only one thing, but it's a big one thing. Here are their lists:

NO: Davis
CHA: Lillard
WAS: Beal
CLE: Drummond
POR: Barnes

NO: Lillard
CHA: Davis
WAS: Barnes
CLE: Waiters
SAC: Drummond

NO: Davis
CHA: Beal
WAS: Lillard
CLE: Waiters
SAC: Barnes
POR: Drummond

Ok, maybe I'm the stupid one here BUT Drummond goes 1 or 2 in a re-draft. Am I wrong here? Mine would look like:

NO: Davis (I would take Drummond but you really can't go wrong)
CHA: Drummond (if someone thinks otherwise, I'm not sure they understand basketball. A guy named BJ is their best big who has a who all of a sudden loves perimeter jumpers? I did not see that coming. No one can touch this kids potential)
WAS: Beal (has worked out great for them, awesome piece next to John Wall and can only get better. If they wouldn't trade him for James Harden, I doubt they move off him)
CLE: probably Waiters since they were so in love with him. Looking at their draft position currently, they could go with Porter or a big and I think Waiters is still a good move. If they could for sure get McLemore, I would take Barnes instead. Just me)
SAC: Lillard (only falls here b/c of positional need with Wall and Irving in place. Hell of a player. Instant upgrade at PG, though I love Isiah, and they might actually have kept their lottery pick if they took Lillard!")
POR: this is where I may get negged but since in a re-draft I doubt they get Lillard, I would go with Tony Wroten. He has shown the flashes in limited minutes in Memphis and I would argue only Davis and Drummond have higher ceilings. However, if they can't throw him out there as a starter like Lillard, which would absolutely kill their playoff hopes, but with a high pick this year their future would still be bright. Hard to leave Barnes and MKG out but they already have Batum)

Regardles of my list, there is literally NO WAY Drummond falls past Charlotte and with these guys claiming otherwise, I had to press mute and make this post. If I am completely off base, please tell me so.

i'm jus so offended
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Also, within the same

Also, within the same episode...Kenneth Faried is no Dennis Rodman. Get real

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I like Barnes potential but

I like Barnes potential but 3rd?!?! Come on Jalen

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Jalen likes him because he is a jump shooting 3 man like himself. I do think in 3-4 years Barnes is one of the 3-5 best players from this draft.

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Drummond would go 2nd, 3rd,

Drummond would go 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. I still think Davis is the better player and long term prospect. I also think Lillard would go 2nd or 3rd. Waiters should be the first SG taken. And Harkless is a better prospect and player then Barnes.

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Beal is better than Waiters imo

Beal is better than Waiters imo

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Magic was a great player, but

Magic was a great player, but if anyone is expecting him to say anything worthwhile as an analyst they will be disappointed

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Who takes Magic serious?

Who takes Magic serious?

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pay attention

NO: Drummond (Vasquez to This kid would be ALL DAY LONG)
CHA: Davis
WAS: Beal
CLE: Barnes (Black Falcon would have free reign under Byron Scott although im sure he'd have another nickname)
SAC: Lillard (him an Cousins would be enticing)
POR: Waiters (as a combo guard this would be an interesting scenario with free reign from terry stotts)
GSW: MKG (Match made in heaven as he grit, defensive nature, toughness and versatility are a god send for this team)
TOR: Terrance Ross
DET: Jeremy Lamb (they get their 2g)
NO: Perry Jones III (imagine PJIII Dummond Gordon Aminu and a facilitator like Vasquez) scary!!!
POR: Myers Leonard
HOU: Jared Sullinger (him and Asik would do work on the boards)
PHX: Tony Wroten (Shumpert with vision minus the defensive intensity)
MiL: Terrence Jones (provides more versatility than John Henson)

Re-drafting the lottery with ProdigyLV aka PhlyPhive

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I disagree with a few these

I disagree with a few these picks. First off Barnes has done nothing this season to make me belief that he a better player this season or a better long term prospect. Also Perry Jones, Tony Wroten, and Terrence jones have also done nothing to suggest they should have gone higher than they did.

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NO - Davis CHA - Lillard WSH

NO - Davis
CHA - Lillard
WSH - Beal
CLE - Waiters
POR- Drummond
GS - Barnes
TOR- Ross
NO - J. Lamb
POR - Rivers
HOU - Zeller
PHX - Robinson
MIL - T. Jones

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Ridiculously Soon

1. NO: Anthony Davis (he's had a rough year but I think he'll develop nicely)
2. CHA: Andre Drummond
3. WIZ: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (even though the Wiz have a top 5 D, I think MKG would be a perfect addition to their improved team culture)
4. CAVS: Terrence Ross
5. SAC: Damien Liilard
6. POR: Dion Waters (tough call between Waiters and Beal, but I think Waiters' driving ability gives him the edge)
7. GSW: Harrison Barns
8. TOR: Bradley Beal
9. DET: Thomas Robinson (I know they want a 5 but Robinson's too good of a value)
10. NO: Tony Wroten (a lot of potential and can play 1-3)
11. POR: Fab Melo (I thought he was a killer defensive presence at Syracuse, fills the Center of the Future mold)
12. HOU: Jeremy Lamb
13. PHX: Perry Jones III (They need anything resembling a good talent and a high risk:reward player like Jones is the most promising player left on the board)
14. MIL: John Henson (He has transitioned well and forks a terrorizing blocking combo with Larry Sanders)

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Cavs would still take Waiters

Cavs would still take Waiters and Wiz would still take Beal. I think that Kidd-Gilchrist goes to GSW and Toronto takes Harkless or Ross.

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It hasn't even been a full

It hasn't even been a full season yet... Doing a re-draft this soon is silly.

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It is silly but after 50+

It is silly but after 50+ games it is pretty obvious Drummond should have been picked higher. He is so raw but unlike most raw guys he is still productive at this point. It is hard to find big guys with that kind of athleticism. I still would personally take Davis over him because I feel he has a much higher ceiling offensively. Charlotte wouldn't let Drummond by though if the draft was redone. Andre Drummond is what Michael Jordan was hoping Kwame Brown would be.

As for Beal, Waiters and Lillard I think they are almost a toss up. I would probably take Lillard, Beal then Waiters but even with Harrison Barnes potential I am taking all 3 of those guards ahead of him. He has shown some flashes with his nasty dunks and occasionally getting hot from the field and putting up 20 points but I think the guards all are much more aggressive players and in the long run will all be more consistent NBA players than Barnes. I like his game but he always leaves me wanting more.

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