2012-2013 76ers

Roster (POS): 2011-2012 Statistics Per 36 minutes

Lavoy Allen (PF): 9.7 pts, 9.9 reb, 2 ast, 1 blk, 0.473 fg%

Kwame Brown (C): 11 pts, 9.5 reb, 0.9 ast, 0.8 blk, 0.517 fg%

Andrew Bynum (C): 19.1 pts, 12.1 reb, 1.4 ast, 2.0 blk, 0.558 fg%

Spencer Hawes (C, PF): 13.9 pts, 10.6 reb, 3.8 ast, 1.9 blk, 0.489 fg%

Jrue Holiday (PG): 14.4 pts, 3.5 reb, 5 ast, 1.7 stl, 2.2 to, 0.432 fg%

Jason Richardson (SG): 14.2 pts, 4.4 reb, 2.4 ast, 1.2 stl, 1.4 to, 0.410 fg%

Evan Turner (PG, SG, SF): 12.8 pts, 7.9 reb, 3.8 ast, 0.8 stl, 2.2 to, 0.446 fg%

Dorell Wright (SF): 13.7 pts, 6.1 reb, 2.1 ast, 1.3 stl, 1.1 to, 0.422 fg%

Nick Young (SG): 18.3 pts, 2.8 reb, 1.2 ast, 0.9 stl, 1.7 to, 0.403 fg%

Thaddeus Young (SF, PF): 16.6 pts, 6.7 reb, 1.5 ast, 1.3 stl, 0.8 blk, 1.1 to, 0.507 fg%

Arnett Moultrie (PF)

During the 2011- 2012 season, the majority of the ball handling responsibility was split between Jrue, Evan, Dre, and Lou Williams. The departure of Dre and Lou will most likely result in a statistical spike from both Jrue and Evan. I especially expect to see a leap this year from Turner considering how much more productive he is with the ball in his hands.

The addition of quality outside shooters such as nick young, dorell wright, and jason richardson will help spread the floor for bynum and hawes on the inside.

When I first heard Doug collins say that spencer hawes would be the starting power foreward, I was a little skeptical, but now that they 76 have aquired bynum, he seems to be the perfect compliment at the 4. Spencer has a nice midrange jumper and is also a quality interior passer. I think that if he takes to the position fast enough he can play like a poor man's pao gasol. If it doesnt work out, the 76ers still have a quality backup center and a couple young players; moultrie, allen, and thad young that can play the position.

This young 76ers team has quality depth and athleticism, the 2nd best center in the league, some quality shooters, and a bunch of young talent in turner and holiday that have the potential to become stars. Im interested to see what doug collins does with the lineups and how players such as thad and evan are deployed throught the season.

On paper this team looks to be quite exciting, cant wait for the season to begin.

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i may be nitpicking

but why does everyone put per 36 mins.. not all these players will be playing 36 minutes of a game and i feel bad singling out you. however it inflates people's stats that have yet to prove they can play all those minutes that consistent

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I like to use the per 36

I like to use the per 36 minute statistic for preseason analysis, this levels the playing field and gives a better understanding of what each player can be. These are by no means projections, rather I think they show a players potential given a starters minutes. Especially in this case where we dont actually know the amount of playing time each player will be given, this method becomes useful in comparing players with eachother as well as more clearly demonstrating each players strengths and weaknesses.

Its a comparriason on a per minute basis extrapolated over a 36 minute window. For the purposes of my discussion, I believe that it is more useful than a per game statistical analysis.

Finally, the purpose isnt to inflate stats, its to make each player easier to compare by leveling the playing field and showing that for every 36 minutes that a certain player was on the court, he put up these numbers.

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Per 36 min

If the player plays plenty of minutes throughout the season, then it is a great stat, but for players that have played 1 game it is terribly inaccurate. For example; look at Kyrylo Fesenko's per 36 #s. 16.9 points, 19.1 rebounds, 4.2 steals.

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I think Moultrie was an absolute steal for them, and could be the eventual starter at the 4 with Hawes backing up the four and five.

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Hawes at PF alongside Bynum

Hawes at PF alongside Bynum gives them a very big frontcourt and the movement of Iggy should allow Evan Turner to really progress, I've always been a big fan of Turners and he could be a contender for MIP this coming season although these are often only judged statistically.

The key for Philly is Bynum being sound and them retaining him as they gave up their star player, two young pieces and a draft pick to get hiom in the D12 trade and with them owing a pick to Miami from the Moultrie deal then Philly will not have a huge amount of picks themselves over the next few years.

The risk limiter is that they will be able to gage by deadline day what Bynum's mood and form is as regards staying with the them, so if he was saying he may well move on, they can always trade him to team interested in retaining him long term and who he is amiable to resigning to. With the S and T no longer allowed, teams with no cap space will have to try and get FA targets prior to them hitting FA and someone like Bynum would be sought after so Philly could easily get picks back which cancel out those they traded away.

I can see Philly perhaps being at about the same level they were last year this coming season and making the play offs in 6th to 8th seed range.

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I have some concerns about

I have some concerns about starting Hawes and Bynum. Hawes is a very good mid range shooter and a nice passer and I think it will work nice on offense but I'm not quite sure how it is going to be on defense. Todays NBA is a pick&roll game and with Hawes and Bynum in the lineup the 76ers will struggle with defending such plays. The answer will probably come very quick and I know that Collins wont be affraid to make some adjustments. For me they should start either Young or Allen at the 4. I would probably go with Allen. He is a good defender a has a nice mid range game so I see him fitting well to Bynum.

Still I think that the main point with the 76ers is the development of Turner and Holiday. If they reach their potentials, they can make the 76ers a top 4 team in the East. Especially Evan has a lot to prove.

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2nd Best Team in the East..


PG: Jrue Holiday SG: Evan Turner SF: Thad Young PF: Spencer Hawes C: Andrew Bynum

6th: Nick Young 7th: Lavoy Allen 8th: Jason Richardson

Evan Turner is the key to that sentiment, I think his game is eerily similar to Brandon Roy pre-injury, and the experience of learning the importance of playing great perimeter defense from Iggy, will make his transition to being the 2nd scoring option alot easier; just knowing that you can help your team on an off night by doing the small things that help win tight games. Hopefully he improves his shooting from the perimeter because with Bynum open looks should be plentiful. At 23, he might already be the best rebounding guard in the entire league, and his handle is tight allowing him to even put in time at the 1.

I think Doug will be very experimentative will Jrue and Evan, just because I can see Jrue Holiday being an efficient 3rd option scorer if he can play more time off the ball, with Turner pushing point. I believe we can be a dangerous team if we can stay healthy. I'd liken Thad Young to Josh Smith, with slightly less defensive instinct, but I think him finally playing the 3 will make his game more rounded, as he's mostly been a bench dude playing out of position because a lack of depth in the frontcourt.

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Don't forget they also

Don't forget they also acquired Jason Richardson in the Bynum deal. I think he'll be the one starting at SG with Turner at the 3 and Thad coming off the bench as a small ball big.

I also disagree with your whole take on Evan Turner. The kid is nothing special and has only shown flashes. He might be able to handle the ball, but he's not athletic enough to take advantage of that skill. He lacks a good first step. He also lacks the speed to turn the corner and get all the way to the hoop (which explains his low attempts at the hoop despite his supposed slashing ability). He's basically a slasher who struggles to get all the way to the hoop and finish. Because he lacks a good first step and doesn't have a respectable enough jumper to draw tighter defense, that makes his slashing game even more difficult to execute since he has to try to beat guys off the dribble who are playing off of him.

Unless he has improved his ability to play off the ball, including his spot up shooting and overall movement off the ball, I don't see him as being a good complement to Bynum. Given the makeup of their projected lineup, he'll likely be the one left alone to double Bynum.

I personally think that the 6ers best lineup would be something like: Jrue, J-Rich, Nick Young, Thad Young and Bynum. I think that'd be a great mix of athleticism, shooting and a little bit of slashing while giving Bynum the space to operate.

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KWAME BROWN!!!! (Stephen A.

KWAME BROWN!!!! (Stephen A. Smith voice) 11 and 9??? Really????

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Kwame only played 8 games

Kwame only played 8 games last year guy

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yo don't be surprised if

yo don't be surprised if maalik wayns cracks that rotation. He is the PG out of villanova that probably should have stayed one more year, but earned a spot on this roster and I beleive can carve out a niche in the NBA as a quality PG off the bench

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who is there go-to-guy when they need a big bucket? I know Iguodala isn't the best number one option but better than anything they have now. They will still be a really good team but missing that guy. I never thought Turner would be that good, maybe with the ball in his hands more (without Lou and Iggy) he will be better. Thought they were crazy for not taking Derrick Favors at number 2.

Still Philly is a top 5 team in East. Miami wins again. As a Bulls fan, already looking towards 2014.

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After giving Elton Brand that

After giving Elton Brand that huge deal there was no way the sixers could have taken another PF especially when Turner was considered the consensus #2 pick. I sitll have faith he will become worthy of that #2 selection. This is the first year that he will be starting all year and expected to be one of their top scorers. The dude who said he doesn't have a quick first step is dead wrong...the only reason he could struggle getting to the basket is because teams won't respect his jumper if he can't consistently knock them down.

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Im eager to see how Bynum

Im eager to see how Bynum does as a 1st option...

But They need a level headed Vet ,that will keep Bynum and all those young players on the straight & narrow..And Last season they Struggled to score..And often times Iggy had to create something....Most of these guys like Richardson,Young and Wright are catch and shoot players..Turner should now get a chance to finally start,he'll put up some nice stats..

In all his years of coaching, this might be Doug Collins toughest challenge...

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I think the Sixers are going

I think the Sixers are going to miss Dre big time. They won't realize how much he held that team together on defense until they see the Nuggets exploding out in Denver and themselves just in the middle of the pack in a weak Eastern conference. Bynum will help, of course, but remember they had Brand in the middle last year and he was a solid starting C. So they have only gone from basically good to great at the C position, while taking Dre's minutes and giving them to Nick Young is going to be a disaster. I know the players don't play exactly the same position, but there are now about another 40 minutes of PT to handed out and I suspect a lot of it is going to Richardson and Young and their crappy shooting percentage. Turner getting additional PT I'm okay with. I don't think he will ever live up to his draft position. But he hits the glass and drops dimes while at least being a threat to score even if he isn't a big time scorer. He can be a glue guy to replace Dre. But Richardson and Nick Young are problems.

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Richardson and Young are

Richardson and Young are shooters which is something the Sixers needed badly. They might take a slight step back on D but it will help having Bynum because they haven't had an elite rebounder since Mutumbo was in town. They were middle of the pack in the east last year and I expect more of the same this year. They should win a couple more games and be higher than the 7th seed but does anyone expect them to hang with The Heat?

Young is going to get mostly the minutes off the bench that belonged to Lou Williams who actually shoots lower percentages than Young. I understand Lou could create his own shot and I would prefer him over Young but since Lou signed a four year deal and Yong only a one year deal it gives Philly more financial flexibility for the future. Richardson was just a throw in as part of the Bynum deal and while he is a career 17.5 scorer he is aging quickly and grossly overpaid. I expect them to attempt to unload him at some point if possible.

You didn't mention Dorrell Wright who will get a good amount of Igoudalas minutes as well. I really wish they wouldn't have had to give up Harkless to get Bynum because their future would look much brighter with him on their squad.

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The Sixers have still got

The Sixers have still got nice depth on their roster and with the additions of Nick Young, J-Rich and Bynum, they have replaced the departed Iggy, Lou Williams and Brand.

The team will need to blend as Coach Collins sorts out his exact starting 5, as said above we need to see who gels best with who and which role suits some players best. The team has a legit 10 man rotation even not including the rookies I reckon and with extensions coming up, a lot of players will have things to prove this coming season.

A lack of a go to scorer may still be an issue but has been so since AI departed and no doubt Coach Collins will look to his defence to keep games tight and build the results around this.

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