2012-13 Rookies That Rode The Bench But Will BREAKOUT Next Season

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2012-13 Rookies That Rode The Bench But Will BREAKOUT Next Season

There were a lot of solid rookies this season but I want to see everyone's thoughts on rookies that rode the bench/spent a lot of time in the dleague this season but will breakout in the form of Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler this season. I would say more of a sleeper than someone like Andre Drummond where it is expected.

My list is

Jeremy Lamb
Arnett Moultrie
John Henson (he rode the bench wayyyyy to much. Maybe they will give him away like they did with Tobias).
Terrence Jones
Evan Fournier
John Jenkins

All of those guys for one reason or another played a ton of time in the dleague or rode the bench on deep teams.

Who do you think breaks out from this class that was under the radar this season?

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I loved Lamb and Moultrie

I loved Lamb and Moultrie coming out. Both went too low in the draft.

Moultrie's combo out 2 pt shot efficiency and rebounding makes him a very good player when he plays. His ball handling really needs work though.

Lamb is gonna be a good one.

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Terrence Jones is a player

Terrence Jones is a player I'm high on and was when he was coming in. Maybe not next year but he will be a stat stuffer.

In the 7 games this year he got 20-29 minutes a game he averaged 11, 7 and over 2 blocks plus he is also a very good passer. If I'm a GM I try to get him before he blossoms.

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Donatas Montejunas looked

Donatas Montejunas looked impressive during his limited minutes and in last years summer league. The Rockets have way too many young PF's and some body's gonna leave them this offseason. I'm pretty sure they will weed out Royce White who's career might already be over without ever playing a regular season game and I was really surprised he was drafted that high after everybody knew about his fear of flying. Terrence Jones was my favorite out of that group though.

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If/when Josh Smith leaves this Summer

Mike Scott. Played great when given PT.

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I definitely agree with the

I definitely agree with the Terrence Jones pick. I think he could beat out both Robinson and D-Mo for playing time and split time with Greg Smith. He could be quite productive in Houston's offense. John Henson also should be able to earn more playing time. And Fournier should carry over his success from late this season to next year. He will probably needed given Gallinari's injury and could earn time even after Gallinari comes back if he plays well.

I'm not as optimistic for Lamb, who I like, but OKC just has too many wings ahead of him. It will be tough for Lamb to get time over Sefolosha and Martin.

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If Kevin Martin returns it

If Kevin Martin returns it will still be tough for Jeremy Lamb to break out, but if the Thunder decide to let Martin walk then Lamb should see some significant minutes and will likely have a break out year.

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I wonder if the Rockets are still thinking of T-Rob as their future guy like Morey thought when they first traded for him. T-Jones and Greg Smith have looked good since then so I wonder if that has changed or if T-Rob will even stay on that roster.

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I do not fault Morey for

I do not fault Morey for making the trade to get Thomas Robinson because he didn't give much up to get him. I do think that Jones is the best player long term out of that group and Morey will likely trade one of the many PF's (DMo, T-Rob, Smith) in a larger trade for a another asset.

I genuinely hate the Bucks. I understand they are trying to win game and Luc Richad, Dunleavy etc can all help win but when you have John Henson and Tobias Harris wasting away on your bench with no realistic shot at winning a title how do you not play them. The decision makers in that organization are idiots.

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Regarding the Bucks, I

Regarding the Bucks, I definitely agree in regards to Henson, and I love Tobias, but Tobias is better served being with the Magic for this year.

Tobias is all scoring and sometimes rebounding, but he can't pass or play defense at all, and on a team that had Jennings and Ellis taking as many shots as humanly possible, it just wasn't going to work out for him this year.

I wish that we had held on to Tobias and waited for next year, when at least one of Jennings/Ellis will almost surely be gone if not both, but Milwaukee wanted to reach the playoffs, and they thought having Redick would be more valuable for this year.

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I'm hoping Tony Wroten and

I'm hoping Tony Wroten and Perry Jones do only because they were my two favorite players out of last years draft. But I doubt it happens unfortunately.

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I'm a big fan of Perry Jones and Lamb... they should of got more playing time this past season, not just a few minutes in blowouts. Jones looks like at the very least a solid defender, rebounder, who can run on fast breaks and hit the mid range jumpers. I love Lamb's confidence... in a couple years he will drain a lot of the wide open threes the current Thunder role players look afraid to shoot.

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Is there any hope for Miles

Is there any hope for Miles Plumlee

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Not for NEXT Season

I'd say a resounding no but that is strictly for the situation Miles is in next season. I could see him finding a niche for himself later in his career.

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As much as people were high

As much as people were high on him before he stepped onto a college campus, let alone an NBA court, i'm surprised nobody has mentioned Austin Rivers. Are people ready to give up on him that easily? As awful as he was this season he can only get better. I'm not a big fan of Rivers, but I think he wants to prove all the doubters wrong come next season. Plus the Pelicans GM has said they would consider trading Eric Gordon. If that's the case that could open up some more PT for Rivers. Depending on who the Pelicans end up getting come draft time.

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Jeremy Lamb

I think Jeremy Lamb has the chance for a breakout season especially if Kevin Martin doesn't resign with the Thunder next year as then he'll have to be that scoring 6th man.

I know he is not on the list but I think Fab Melo next year will be able to make an impact..maybe not a breakout year but definitely have an impact since Boston desperately needs bigs and youth and definitely something Melo can bring to the table for Boston.

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I also like Jeremy Lamb to breakout next year, assuming he bulks up and Kevin Martin doesn't return. Lamb was solid in the D-League and I think a full offseason with OKC should help him.

John Jenkins is another SG that has a chance to breakout this year. Arguably the best shooter from the 2012 draft, Jenkins looked good after Lou Williams tore his ACL.

I'm pulling for Jae Crowder to step it up next season as well. I like what I saw from him at the end of the season when he received more minutes.

Good topic!

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After seeing the Thunder

After seeing the Thunder struggle big time trying to knock out the Rockets I really don't see them going to the wcf. I mean what is Brooks trying to do there? I like Reggie Jackson but he gets like 14 shots and is making 5 of them. He plays Fisher way too much which isn't his fault but the roster leaves him no other options. I hope they let Martin walk if he asks for more than 7 a year which is ver likely.

Ibaka need more shots and they need a los post scorer so bad or at least someone who is not a black hole on offense. Ibaka and Perk might be the starting duo with the fewest assist rate in the league...

Back to topic:
Crowder had a really good season with the mavs but I doubt there will be a place for him to get minutes next year. I just read an article from a german mag which has a good relationship to Dirk like forever and Dirk expects nothing less than a complete shake up from Cuban and Donnie Nelson. Dirk mentioned that he is going to recruit players this year which he never did before and I expect Cuban to go deeeep into Tax area if he feels it's worth it. But Dirk mentioned Crowder as a big surprise and someone he would like to keep on the team.

I hope the Jazz find a way to play both Kanter and Favors big minutes next year. Kanter might be most improved if he gets like 30 + mins. Game!

But still I don't think Utah will let both big FA walk away. Right now the Jazz have one of the best frontcourts in the league and if you substract Milsapp and Big Al they completely wasted this chance of beeing relevant at the 4 and 5 because I think they won't win anything with Favors and Kanter playing big time minutes. On the other hand I can see them tanking next year trying to land a home run in the 14 draft...

I don't know what I would do if I were the Jazz. If I'm not mistaken they have the most cap space out of any team this summer!?

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As a Raptors fan, I want to

As a Raptors fan, I want to see Terrence Ross breakout. Didn't "ride" the bench, but was caught behind a bunch of guards in the rotation at times. When he did get minutes he was able to show flashes of huge talent at times. Can shoot and is an awesome athlete, would love to see him step up as a scoring 6th man for the Raptors next year. The potential is there.

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Evan Fournier

This guy had a lotto pick type of skillset and talent. Somehow he got picked in the 20s.

He has such a natural feel for the game. Very high IQ, court vision, offensive awareness, slashing and shooting ability while having sneaky quicks. His defense is also much better than advertised. He gets to the line and converts at a high clip as well. He gets steals and initiates the fastbreak.

His knock coming in the NBA was his jumpshot and defense. He's made huge strides in Denver, being one of their best offensive weapons with his ability to hit the three and slash his way into the paint to finish in a variety of ways or dish to the open man.

His April averages speak for themselves and at only 20 years of age with only one year of NBA experience under his belt as an international prospect, the sky is the limit for young Fournier.

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Wroten and Perry Jones will

Wroten and Perry Jones will unfornuately not get much PT with all the talent that OKC has, maybe they trade them for a cheap vet or something. Lamb, however, could emerge as their sixth man if they don't resign Kevin Martin.

I'm not very high on Rivers, but if the Pelicans trade Gordon, he could end up playing 30 mpg and potentially break out.

I think Terrence Ross will be playing 25-30 mpg next year as sixth man. He's got a nice 3pt stroke, freak athleticism, a good defensive instincts - that sounds like a winning formula to me. He has to much talent to not demand more playing time next year.

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At the time of last year's

At the time of last year's draft, this group was considered to be very good. There are a lot of rookies that I think if given the opportunity, they could be really good. Some guys that I think will break out next year:

1. Andre Drummond- He has already broken out in a lot of ways, but next season he will be the starting center and play well over 30 minutes a night. I think that a 15/10 season is an attainable goal for him next year, and eventually he should be near 20/12.
2. John Henson- When he played this year, he was great. Unfortunately, that did not happen often enough as he was in and out of the lineup the whole year. A new coach will see his talent and potential and give him the playing time he deserves. He can easily get PT over Mbah a Moute. The Bucks should consider starting Henson with Ilyasova playing the 3, but if not then Henson will be a great 6th man.
3. Terrence Jones- Another guy that has played very well when given the chance. His athleticism and interior defense fit the Rockets' playing style perfectly. He should bump Greg Smith out of the starting lineup and have a very good year.
4. Evan Fournier- He is a very skilled player. Especially with Gallo out for a good portion of next year, he should get a significant raise in PT and have a good year.
5. Will Barton- A young guy who finally got the hang of it at the end of the season. He will for now on be the Blazers' first wing off the bench.
6. Mike Scott- Put together a string of really good games at the end of the regular season. With all of the Hawks' forwards leaving for free agency, he will stick around.

And there are also guys who I think show a lot of potential, but won't necessarily break out next season because of their current situations. These guys should still have very good careers.

1. Terrence Ross
2. Marquis Teague
3. Donatas Motiejunas
4. Kendall Marshall

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Forgot Jeremy Lamb for my

Forgot Jeremy Lamb for my second group.

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Khris Middleton?

Someone probably only die-hard Pistons fans would have watched closely. He was projected as a first rounder I believe before blowing out his knee and returning for his junior season. After rehabbing his knee he probably returned too early and struggled with it at college before being picked by the Pistons in the second round. After riding the pine early in the year and not impressing much in summer league, he finally got to see the floor and produced efficiently in the limited time he got.

Breakout might be a bit of a stretch but I could definitely see him producing solid numbers as a role player off the bench.

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Will Barton has some Latrell

Will Barton has some Latrell Sprewell in him.

I am also looking forward to seeing Tony Wroten develop. I think a backcourt off the bench of Wroten and
Bayless would be nice. Wroten could handle the ball with Bayless being the primary scorer and secondary
ball handler. I could also see Wroten taking over some of Tony Allen's role.

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I just don't think OKC will

I just don't think OKC will be in a spot next year to play Lamb any significant minutes. Contenders don't really have time to develop players who may never amount to anything. If the Thunder, who already have a huge depth problem replace Martin's minutes with Lamb, they are just going backwards.

I like Lamb, I just think for him to get significant minutes next year he has to be on a team with much lower aspirations than OKC.

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Most excited for: Andre

Most excited for: Andre Drummond, though Henson and Sanders give a reason to watch Milwaukee after Jennings (probably) leaves.

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I really hope my man tony

I really hope my man tony wroten gets some playing time. If not hopefully he gets traded to a young rebuilding team.

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