2012-13 NY Knicks the oldest team in NBA history

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2012-13 NY Knicks the oldest team in NBA history

Wow. The average age is over 32 years old!

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there is no way he resigns there, They have a 2 year window maybe 3 max. I have no idea where he will go.

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are you kidding phila? hes

are you kidding phila? hes going to resign. all the guys they have now are only signed for a couple of years. so when those guys are done, they can rebuild again. i know it doesnt sound good, but its really not a bad strategy. it shows they want to win now, while in a couple years they can again get new pieces.

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I know this is going to sound

I know this is going to sound ridiculous but Carmelo can sign with the Lakers in two years when Kobe retires and Melo declines his P.O. Dwight, Carmelo, and a third semi-star can sign there and the Lakers can be instantly rebuilt after the Kobe-era.

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A two to three year window

A two to three year window with the aging vets they signed, however all their age is on the bench. When Shumpert returns midseason you have your primary rotation guys aged 30 or younger. Melo 28, Felton 28, Shumpert 22, Amare 30, Chandler 30, Brewer 27, Smith 27, Novak 29. Of course the age will be skewed way north when you get a 35 year old rookie, a 39 year old Jason Kidd, and three big men 38 and older. Fortunately they arent vital to the Knicks long term plans.

What the Knicks need to concentrate on is drafting well (getting players like Shumpert) lower in the draft and investing in a young big man or two. Later on, a franchise point guard would be nice, but I suspect Raymond Felton will do a much better job than any knicks point guard last year. And Kidd and Prigioni is an upgrade from a really injured Baron Davis and Tony Douglas. Health is key, but give me one reason why this team can't win 50 games.

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The Knicks have the big 3 and

The Knicks have the big 3 and have surrounded them with some veteran FA's and other good FA pick ups. They will have a few draft opportunites despite trading a lot of picks away but as a very much compete now team, they will perhaps look at trying to get proven NBA players in. They have let younger players walk this summer as even the Knicks were not prepared to take the luxury tax hit that the Lakers may take in the next few years.

As regards Melo, with the new contract rules, he can make a load more salary staying with the Knicks than going elsewhere before you consider marketing worth. I seem to recall under the new CBA he can get a better contract by becoming an FA, can someone confirm if it makes any difference if he opts in or out for 2014-15. Logically you would think he'd opt out and try for a 5 year renewal as he'd probably get a better deal as a 30 year old than a 31 year old. Given the fuss he made about wanting to go to NY, I'd guess he'd look to stay there as come 2015/16 they will have Cap space possibly.

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lololol I love how they

lololol I love how they signed vets even though they're "Big 3" is anything but young. Stay clueless, New York!

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