Is 2010 The "LeBron Draft"?

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Is 2010 The "LeBron Draft"?

Is it me or does it seem that LeBron's and Bosh's free agency is dominating this draft you guys? I mean the most I hear is about the Nets' pick fitting in with one of the big fish FAs this summer, the Knicks buying a first rounder to get a point guard that will play with LeBron, Chicago targeting a long distance shooter in the draft to play off of Rose and you guessed it--LeBron. Ditto for Miami. Toronto thinking of starting over and trading for more picks because of the widely held belief that their star player Bosh is leaving to play somewhere else with: LeBron. And so on and so on. It's just kinda interesting to me.

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All Hail The Hypno Toad

Sorry/...Yeah this is the summer of Lebron and the draft has played victim...

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Yeah its funny .........Last

Yeah its funny .........Last year's NBA draft was overshadowed by Micheal Jackson's death on the same day....

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