2009 NBA Draft, Will Have A Lot of Potential Star Power, in the 2nd Round

The second round of the NBA Draft has produced star players, such as George Gervin, Maurice Cheeks, Bill Laimbeer, Nick Van Exel, Rashard Lewis, Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas, Carlos Boozer, Manu Ginobili, Mehmet Okur, Maurice Williams, Jose Calderon, and Monta Ellis, along with other noteworthy players as well, such as Mario Chalmers, Ramon Sessions, Louis Williams, Willie Green, Paul Millsap, Kyle Korver, Chris Duhon, Bobby Simmons, Clifford Robinson, Dennis Rodman and etc. This years draft, is going to consist of a lot of players in the second round, that can become steals and better yet, potential star players. If you take a look at my post before this one, you'll see how deep this draft is with quality players, that I believe should be first rounders, are going to be pushed to the second round. I don't think this draft is as weak after all.

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Dionte Christmas of course

Dionte Christmas of course .He can adapt to the new level readily considering his ballhandling ,shooting, defense and moving withoutball .
Comparison : Courtney Lee (wider range)

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Christmas More like Michael Redd

I have to agree with nbadraft.net, with them comparing Dionte Christmas to Michael Redd.

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Ahmad Nivins

Nivins is quietly putting up 20 and 11 for Saint Joes right now. I think he's worth a late first round pick, but this site doesn't even have him getting draft. He could be another potential steal in the second round.

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if i was an nba team there's no way id let a second round pick go this coming draft. Alot of experienced, talented upperclassmen are projected to go Round 2. Out of those guys i think that Terrence Williams, Jerel Mcneal, and Taj Gibson have a real chance to be good players. Gibson probably is the biggest long shot of the 3 but he still has the potential to be good. Terrence Williams is an NBA player, if you see him play you can see it. He's big, fast, strong, and talented. He can lead the break and he can pull down some boards as good as any small forward in the draft. Some people knock on his shooting but he has good mechanics and overall his form is fundamentally sound, but can still be improved on. Jerel Mcneal reminds me alot of Monta Ellis and Nick Young (less athletic than both). He plays the 2 in college as well as just about everyone in the draft with the exception of James Harden. If i were an NBA coach or who ever's making the decisions in the draft room i would take a 22 year old college player than waste a pick on a 19 year old european that you'll never even see wearing your teams jersey, just because he doesnt "have as much potential"

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There is no way terrence

There is no way terrence williams doesnt get picked in the 1st round. he can do it all. Watch out for jeremy pargo and nick calathes. Pargo is a special run and jump athlete with more than decent ball skills. Calathes is a triple double player who jus has to get stronger but i see him as a shaun livingston (the way he played during the season he was injured.)

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aj and Adrian

I think AJ Price could fall to the second round, but I think he could really help out a team. Hes a better athlete than people think he is, and can run the point well. He shoots the three decent in college, but Im not sure how well he could shoot it at the next level. Never the less, I feel hes a player who could definitely contribute....I dont know if Adrian will go in the second round as predicted earlier in the season, but this guy is an animal...hed work his tail off at the next level to contribute solid minutes. Terrence Williams def isnt falling to the second round; hes a great athlete who was showing off his range against UCONN....with the surplus of scouts in attendance at that game, im sure someone took notice....

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since i'm from the Bay Area i'm just going to throw out a couple names, I just want to see what everybody thinks about them as potential 2nd round "gems"

Patrick Christopher-Cal
Dior Lowhorn-USF
Theo Robertson-Cal
Anthony Goods-Stanford
Lawrence Hill-Stanford
Jerome Randal-Cal

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Jerel McNeal is my favorite

Jerel McNeal is my favorite 2nd rounder. Good size for the point guard and is a adequate defender. I can see him having a solid career.

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Danny Green

I watch almost every carolina game, every year. I absolutely hated this guy his freshman year, no joke i thought he blew. he got better every year though, and now there are many times when he is the best player on the floor. At UNC, thats saying something. He is automatic when left open, ask anybody whose team has played him. He has good size for a 2/3 at 6'6, good rebounder and defender, hard worker, and most importantly efficient. His percentages are jaw dropping, he has one of the 3 or 4 most well rounded stat sheets in the country. He even blocks over a shot per game, many of them in spectacular fashion. Im almost certain he will be every bit as good as Raja bell, maybe a little bigger. Id say a mix of Raja Bell and James posey, a proven winner as a glue guy. With his improvement each year, you can tell he works hard and it seems liek theres more growing to be done. There is absolutely zero chance this kid isnt a quality player at the next level, moreso than even alot of elite prospects this year.

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