2009 NBA Draft, Is A Draft of Fit

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2009 NBA Draft, Is A Draft of Fit

If prospects for the 2009 NBA Draft, selected to the right team, then that player will succeed, if not some players will struggle. Here's my best fits:

Blake Griffin- going to either the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzles, Indiana Pacers, or the Chicago Bulls (All those teams could use a starting caliber power forward)

James Harden- Charlotte Bobcats (The Bobcats desperately needs a shooting guard and star power, Harden brings both, and he fits the mold of a polished player, which is what the Bobcats been selecting since their existence) Okafor, Harden, and DJ Augustin makes a solid nucleus...I didn't mention Gerald Wallace and Raymond Felton because those are two players always being mentioned in trade rumors

Hasheem Thabeet- Washington Wizards, Minnesota Timberwolves (Both the Wizards and T'Wolves could use a defensive big man in the paint, to protect the middle. The Wizards have enough offense in Gilbert Arenas, Jamison, and Butler that an offensive center is not needed. The T'Wolves is one of the worst defensive teams, and Big Al could use an enforcer in the paint with him and Thabeet fits the bill)

Brandon Jennings- Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, or the New York Knicks ( All those teams needs a young point guard they can either hand their franchise to or eventually hand the keys to their franchise in the near future, and no other point guard in the draft has as much potential as Jennings, that's if Ricky Rubio or J'rue Holiday doesn't decide to enter)

Chase Budinger- Toronto Raptors (no other team to me would be a good fit for Chase Budinger than the Raptors. I think on the Raptors he will start from day one because of his shooting and athleticism)

Stephen Curry- (Would have to land on a team that has a big point guard, that can switch on defense to the opposing team's shooting guard, while he guards the other teams point. His situation reminds me of Eric Gordon, I thought he was going to struggle as a small shooting guard in the NBA, but playing alongside Baron Davis, who is 6'4 and is strong enough to defend shooting guards, Gordon has flourished.)

Greg Monroe-All the teams I put down for Blake Griffin, would be a good fit for Monroe, because they all need a power forward and they all run, which suits Monroe's skills.

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I think Jennings could also work in Memphis

Grizzlies need to dump Conley while they can. In doing that if they don't get a chance to get Griffin or Monroe or maybe Thabeet, I think Jennings would fit with the way Memphis is going young playing with O.J, Gay and Gasol. He could be perfect for that team running the show.If he played for the Knicks that would be kind of cool.Can also see him playing for the Wolves.

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