2007-2009 Draft

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2007-2009 Draft

If you combined the 2007 - 2009 NBA Drafts, how would that draft go? Here's what I think...
1. Derrick Rose - Took Memphis to the national championship game, and the Bulls to the playoffs. He's a franchise-changing player.
2. Blake Griffin - Has the potential to effect the game on both ends of the court. He could be in the same class of big man as Amare and D-Howard in a couple years.
3. Kevin Durant - The best scorer of the past 3 drafts. If he can improve his defense and learn how to make teammates better, he could really be a scary player.
4. Greg Oden - The potential is still there to have a huge impact on a team if he can ever get healthy and stay healthy. That's a big if, but still worth the risk at this point.
5. Brook Lopez - He could be your team's center for the next decade. How many teams can legitimately say they have a player like that? 7-footer can score, play D and rebound.
6. Ricky Rubio - Steve Nash playmaker with better defense? If the scouts are right, he could be join the current class of young elite PG's very soon.
7. Michael Beasley - For what it's worth, he looks like he could have a very similar to Carmelo Anthony.
8. Al Horford - Still learning the game, but a growing low-post force.
9. Russell Westbrook - If he can learn the finer points of running a team, he has the skills to be another great young PG.
10. James Harden - If you believe that he has the Mitch Richmond/Manu Ginobili potential, I think he certainly has an edge on OJ Mayo, Jeff Green and Kevin Love.

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Interesting post

Interesting post

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My picks

1.Durant-Pure scorer with developing skills that see no bounds. Getting to be a better rebounder like he was in college and passer. His one-year improvement shows potential to lead the league in scoring in a year or two. Can be one of the greats.
2.Rose-Great young point guard who can penetrate and dish. As his jumper develops and three point shooting sharpens up, he will lead Chicago to great things. Defense is a little suspect but he'll improve on that as rookies do.
3.Griffin-Although there are questions about his height, he can perform even as an undersized power forward. His ball skills, athleticism have all been spoken about at great length. His storied work ethic will help fill his jumpshotless game.
4.Beasley-His talent and potential are undeniable. Remember he is still just a rookie. As his minutes go up with commitment to defense and rebounding, his scoring totals would soar. But his work ethic much improve to reach the heights that he can attain.
5.Westbrook-An unbelievable talent. His first step and athleticism let him play either the 1 or the 2 well. Great rebounding numbers for a pg as he flies to the ball and outjumps forwards. Obvious shooting woes are the only things keeping this potential defensive stopper from rising to the top of the league.
6.Rubio-A great franchise pg who can run an offense. He has shown great promise internationally. Shooting can come as many of the other guards on this list need to improve in this area as well. Extremely mature for his age and will handle the transition to the USA very well.
7.Oden-Has taken many knocks his first couple of years but his height and potential continues to show the promise of a stud. His defensive capabilities are still there although the fouling must sharpen up.
8.Lopez-His extremely refined post game will lead to an extremely long and productive career ala Tim Duncan. Teaming with Devin Harris can lead to fruition for NJ. His block totals are among the leaders even as a rookie. Not as flashy of some of the other players on this list but he gets the job done.
9.Gordon-Showing great scoring ability. He has rung up a couple of great scoring months as a rookie when given the ball. He seems to be an undersized shooting guard at this point but there is no doubt that he can get his accurate shot up whenever he wants. It is a shame that he is with the Clippers. A competitor who is a lights out shooter.
10.Jennings-He has alot of work to do but hes got handles that will open up shots for both himself and his teammates. The Euro experience has yet to be evaluated. Again shooting can develop, and he will never be a true pg however his elite quickness and ball skills give him a high ceiling.

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Good post, pretty much agree

Good post, pretty much agree with your analysis except I'd probably move Al Horford down to 10 and put OJ Mayo or Eric Gordon in for Harden. It would of been real interesting to see who would've gone first between Rose, Griffin, and Durant (at their current level). I would take Rose, but I'm a Bulls fan too ;-).

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Top 10

1). Kevin Durant
2). Derrick Rose
3). Blake Griffin
4). O.J. Mayo
5). Brook Lopez
6). Greg Oden
7). Ricky Rubio
8). Russell Westbrook
9). Al Horford
10). James Harden

Those of you who did not have OJ Mayo are short-sighted, why ???
He is one of the top 10 best offensive rookies in the past 15 years,
and he is in All-defensive rookie 1st team according to ESPN.
He was a star since 7th grade, how better can you be???

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Harden and Rose

I would definitely put Mayo in for Harden because he has proven he can play in the NBA. Rose should be a lock for #1 because of the way he has changed Memphis and the Bulls. There is a little bias though because I am also a Bulls fan. Other than that they are very interesting and accurate posts

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If they were all there and

If they were all there and it was up to the scouts, the draft would go like this.....

1. Oden....Everybody was on his knob. Excuse my sexual gesture, but it's the truth
2. Rose...On his as well lol
3. Kevin Durant
4. Mike Beasley
5. Blake Griffin
6. O.J Mayo
7. Ricky Rubio
8. Brandon Jennings
9. James Harden
10. Brook Lopez

If they were all there and we knew nothing about how they would do in the league, I'm pretty sure this is how it would go....Does anybody agree?

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come on

Rubio doesn't play any game in NBA, he play average in Euroleague and he's HIGHER THAN Westbrook??
1. Durant
2. Rose
3. Blake Griffin
4. OJ Mayo
5. Russell Westbrook
6. Michael Beasley
7. Greg Oden
8. Al Horford
9. Brook Lopez
10. James Harden

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This is based off of

This is based off of everybody being in the draft in one given year and nobody knew what guys were going to accomplish. And to be honest nobody though Westbrook was going to be sweet. And personally I would go with Westbrook over Rubio as well, but the topic didn't ask who I would pick knowing what I do now does it? It asked if they were all there who would go where and Rubio has been pretty hyped up so he would go that high.

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2003 draft

The 2003 draft had better players then the 2007-2009
just sayin

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Currently, the two best players in the league came from the 2003 draft so I will give you that it was a better draft than any in the following years. It will go down historically as one of the 2 best drafts ever along with 1984.

Now, to clarify, the original post was based on all available knowledge as of today. I would take all 10 players listed ahead of OJ Mayo today, based on NBA potential. I think Mayo's game, while obviously quite NBA-ready, is as a shoot-first undersized combo guard with a high turnover rate that is close to peaking. I think Harden and Rubio certainly have the potential to become higher-impact players than OJ in the long run. Westbrook also faces significant obstacles in improving his game. Physical tools are one thing, but truly knowing how to run a team and play the game are others that he still has to learn.
It will be interesting to look back in 3-4 years and see how much this draft would again be altered significantly, especially as guys like Eric Gordon, Jerryd Bayless, Jeff Green, Hasheem Thabeet and Kevin Love gain experience.

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