2006 draft redo

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2006 draft redo

One of the worst draft classes ever, here is how teams should have done:

1). Brandon Roy
2). LaMarcus Aldridge
3). Rudy Gay
4). Rajon Rondo
5). Paul Milsap
6). Andrea Bargnani
7). Randy Foye
8). Ronnie Brewer
9). Tyrus Thomas
10). Daniel Gibson
11). Jordan Farmar
12). Craig Smith
13). Leon Pown
14). Kyle Lowry

Hopefully, this 2009 class does not end up like the 2006 one...

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most of the players seem about right, i would re-arrange a few though and probably drop craig smith and replace him with sergio rodriguez, thabo sefolosha or rodney carney
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I like it except I would put

I like it except I would put Thabo in Craig Smith's spot and then switch it with Powe, and then I would switch Boobie Gibson and Tyrus Thomas. But there is nothing worse than the 2000 draft. I would re-do it and there would probably still be 5 or 6 guys in the lottery that isn't in the league anymore lol.

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I would have to agree that Thabo Sefolosha should be in the lotto

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1. Roy - Clearly the best

1. Roy - Clearly the best player of the class.
2. Gay - Still not at his peak. He could be a very interesting player with a better supporting cast.
3. Tyrus - Impact player on both ends of the court that is getting better with every game.
4. Milsapp - Very effective offensive low-post presence.
5. Rondo - If only he could shoot.
6. Foye - Injuries have limited him, but the talent is there to be an All-Star combo guard.
7. Bargnani - Solid, but not quite the next Dirk he was projected to be.
8. Brewer - Solid supporting player, doing almost exactly as he was projected to do.
9. Farmar - Why not.
After that, don't really care.

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Gibson over Farmar. Farmar

Gibson over Farmar. Farmar has peaked and I believe he will be replaced because Brown is already taking most of his minutes and he can actually guard people. Brown has also shot the 3 ball better and is more athletic. The triangle offense does not need a true playmaking guard and Farmar is not one and in all honesty Fisher is more of a shoot first than actual playmaker but he is wise enough now to be able to run pretty good plays but he is not a natural. Gibson can shoot and defend and he he can run some simple plays in the future he will be nice.

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Here my take on the 2006 draft

1). Brandon Roy( a Super star need I say more)
2). LaMarcus Aldridge(versatile big that has an inside and out game; good denfense)
3). Rudy Gay(athletic beast with decent perimeter skills)
4). Rajon Rondo(quick scoring point who needs to add a J)
5). Andrea Bargnani(young perimeter oriented big who is getting better)
6). Tyrus Thomas(most athletic player in draft and now he is finally putting things together)
7). Paul Milsap(offensive powerhouse down low who would be higher if he was taller and had a better jumper)
8). Randy Foye(injuries has stopped him from shinning but he has the skill to be as good a combo guard as Roy but lacks Roy's height)
9). Ronnie Brewer(great defense and athleticism; need to improve his offense)
10). Daniel Gibson(great shooter; decent defense but he is point guard height; needs to add pg skills)
11). Leon Powe(quality undersize post player who bring great energy off the bench)
12). Kyle Lowry(has shown lots of promise when he has minutes but injuries and too much depth hurt him)
13). Thabo Sefolosha(great skills; defense: but he needs to get tougher and work on offense)
14). Josh Boone(quality big who lacks polish and has not played much with emergence of Lopez)
15). Renaldo Balkman(hustle energy guy that reminds of Dennis Rodman)
16).Craig Smith(strong undersized post player that put up numbers)
17)Rodney Carney(athletic wing that is starting to get comfortable in the NBA)
18).J.J. Redick(He would be higher but he is on the wrong team for the skills he has)
19)..Shannon Brown(He is moving up not that he is playing well with the Lakers athletic with nice shooting touch from outside)
20). Hilton Armstrong(Quality big but is very inconsistent)
21).Jordan Farmar(plays well off the bench but seems like he has reached his potential already)
22).Patrick O'Bryant(young big that has started off slow but may be able to improve as he learns the game better)

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This was not a bad draft

This was not a bad draft class actually. It was deep and also most of the players that were hyped disappointed and also this draft class is taking a while to develop but is showing signs that it could be a decent class once Foye gets healthy and Thomas continues his awesome play, and some others just need to be in the right places. Every draft class will not have immediate progress. Most rookies take at least 2 years to get on point and some take longer.

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I agree with Sheltwon's list.

I agree with Sheltwon's list.

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