2004 Huskies compare to 2009 Huskies

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2004 Huskies compare to 2009 Huskies

The Uconn HUskies won the National Championship in 2004 by beating Ga Tech. Leadership, and strong coaching and consistency led them to the Title. Led by Ben Gordon & Emeka Okafor this roster had Nba talent galore: Charlie Villanueva, Josh Boone, Marcus Williams, Rashad Anderson, Dehnam Brown, Hilton Armstrong, Taliek Brown. Most of the roster, are on NBA teams an some overseas. They also had Transfer Ed Nelson from Ga Tech. They were ranked number 1 throughout the season an lived up to there potential that season.

Uconn huskies 2009
the 09 huskies have national chamopionship status as well, dominant Big Man (Thabeet), Consistent Guard play (Price).They too were ranked number one as well, an due to the big game earlier in the week; they will be back in the # 1spot. Huge game from Price an Pitt took a loss to an unranked Providence team.This roster is loaded with NBA talent led by Price & Thabeet. Jeff Adrien (nba comparison:Drew Gooden/Paul Millsap Adrien is very underated), Jerome Dyson (nba comparison: Larry Hughes/MIchael Finley) Stanley Robinson ( NBA comparison:Tyrus Thomas), Craig Austrie (NBA comparison:Eddie House), Gavin Edwards (nba comparison:Calvin Booth) this team has National Championship style and i wouldnt wanna face them in the Big Dance

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I don't think so

Good effort, but the 04 Uconn team was totally different. Emeka Okafor was a better cerebral player than Thabeet, and a more polished scorer and leader. this 2009 Huskies squad doesn't have a game closer like Ben Gordon, I don't see any huskie being the 3rd overall pick in the draft besides thabeet. Gordon was a pure scorer, and if Dyson was healthy maybe he could of been the Gordon type player. Rashad Anderson was an assassin and could flat out shoot the three ball. The depth of the frontline of the 04 team was scary. You had Hilton Armstrong, Charlie V., Josh Boone, and Ed Nelson, and not to mention Emeka Okafor. The 09 team doesn't nearly have that length. The 04 Huskies had 2 players taken in the top 3 while this 09 team has just one top 10 pick. The X-factor will be Kemba Walker I don't think you mentioned him, but he is the most dynamic guard for the Huskies, and if you see them struggle in a tournament game don't be surprised to see Calhoun put him in to change the tempo of the game. The 09 Huskie team will have a great chance to win it all, but I feel that North Carolina, and the determination of Tyler Hansbrough to get the monkey off his back and carry this team to the National title. I picked UNC to win it all the last 2 years, and I think this year will be the year.

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That 04 team was somethin else. Almost everybody on that team plays pro ball somewhere. The 06 uconn team was almost as good with Rudy Gay and Marcus williams. Those teams were ridiculous, except for the 06 squad got eliminated by george mason,which didnt look as bad because george mason advanced to the final 4.

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