2 Trade Ideas for Cavaliers

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2 Trade Ideas for Cavaliers

I saw an idea for 2 trades that could help the Cavaliers that I would like people's opinions on. The trades are done separately because Deng cannot be traded with another player.
Trade #1:
Cleveland trades: Loul Deng
Golden State trades: David Lee

Trade #2:
Cleveland trades: Dion Waiters
Golden State trades: Harrison Barnes

I wish we picked up Barnes in the draft anyway instead of Dion, and I think we all know that Deng isn't staying past this year. Lee is an underrated PF who can get you 20-10 on a regular basis. Barnes fills the gap we have at SF that noone has filled for 4 years. He could also play SG to go bigger. I'm a fan of this idea for both trades. Which team says 'NO' first and why? And, would you say NO to this? Especially curious from you Cavs fans.

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Does not make sense for

Does not make sense for Golden State. No way they give up Lee, for another SF. They would have depth in the front court and not enough minutes at the wings with Klay and Iggy already there.

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