2 High School Players on Same NBA Team?

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2 High School Players on Same NBA Team?

So I was watching Cavs/Heat on NBATV on realizsed Samardo Samuels and Tristan Thompson both played on the same high school team(St. Benedicts) and now are both on Cleveland.

Just wondering how rare this is as I can't think of any other occassions of this.

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How many high school

How many high school teammates are even in the NBA?

Luol Deng/Charlie Villanueva

Tayshaun Prince/Tyson Chandler

Any others?

Also, shouldn't it be noted that Tristan was only there for a year and a half?

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Gerald Henderson and Wayne

Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington. Both played for the same high school in Philly. Of course went to Duke and UNC respectively.

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If Mayo gets traded to New

If Mayo gets traded to New York, then Bill Walker and him would also fall into this catogory. They ran Cincinnati even as 7th graders.

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I'm fairly certain high school

I'm fairly certain high school players cannot simultaneously play in the NBA as well. Hence having 2 HS players on the same nba team is an impossibility.

I apoloize for being a D-Bag.

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I believe Darren Collison and

I believe Darren Collison and Jeff Pendegraph of the pacers played high school ball together. Could be wrong though

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OJ Mayo, Bill Walker at North

OJ Mayo, Bill Walker at North College Hill

OJ Mayo, Pat Patterson at Huntington High

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As far as same highschool

As far as same highschool that went to NBA Im guessing that the Lopez twins went to the same highschool

same as Morris twins

and Griffin brothers

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BJ Upton, David Wright, Ryan Zimmerman, and Mark Reynolds all played on the same AAU baseball team in high school.

That team had to have been legendary.

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757 Finest

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Well if were talking AAU

Well if were just talking about played while they were in high school Rose and Eric Gordon played together, but Im sure if you open up those doors then there will be a ton of NBA players who played on the same team

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mike conley jr. and greg

mike conley jr. and greg oden at Lawrence North HS in indianapolis


i think courtney lee and jeff teague at one point at Pike Hs in indianapolis

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There has to be some guys

There has to be some guys from Oak Hill who have done it.

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