1st Summer game in the O

Jrue Holiday = was 3 - 11 FG, 0-2 3pfg....5 TO

He played horrible..... Jrue was point most of the game.
He looked like he didnt know where he was!

This really doesnt look good for Jrue, but hey its only
the first game.

Mareese Spieghts(M16, Mo Spots) play NICE, 28points
He played great(as expected),, no one could cover him.

P.S - - - Jrue did play good D.

What do u think,,,,,tell me whats good!
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Looks like Speights will be

Looks like Speights will be a major part of next season. Give Jrue some time, he'll be fine. It might take two years but he'll get it.

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