1993-94 NBA season

so I started reading the 1995 expansion draft thread, and then I made the mistake of following a wiki link, where I found out that b.j. armstrong was an nba all-star in 1994.

question 1 - how in the hell does a point guard averaging 3.9 assists per game that season make an all-star game that season?

question 2 - why would chicago not protect a 1994 all-star in the 1995 expansion draft?

and then I made the mistake of continuing to click links, seeing who won what awards during the 93-94 season. and fun fact - a sophomore latrell sprewell was first team all-nba at shooting guard.

question 3 - how did that happen?

I get that jordan was out and drexler missed 14 games that season, but was the league that down at shooting guard? even jordan took three seasons to be first team all-nba, and looking at sprewell's numbers, while they were good, dominique wilkins averaged 5ppg more. and while wilkins averaged 2.4 apg less, he compensated that with an extra 1.6 rpg on slightly better shooting. was wilkins snubbed? was sprewell that good and then just plummeted? or, along with the b.j. armstrong all-star nomination, was 93-94 just a fluke/random/weird season?

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