1985 Lakers vs.Celtics...16-year old Bill Simmons gives Michael Cooper...The Finger???

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1985 Lakers vs.Celtics...16-year old Bill Simmons gives Michael Cooper...The Finger???

LOL...crazy right???

I'm actually not sure if he's giving an injured Michael Cooper "The Bird"....but he's definitely doing something. On second thought, he might just be waving at him, it's hard to tell.

What's crazy is how the camera zooms in on the 16-year old, like they knew who he was or something. He gives one last look at the former NBA defensive player of the year, but it was too late...Cooper was no where to be seen. (lol)

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i think i remember him

i think i remember him talking about this once on the podcast. if i remember correct he said he was actually giving him the finger...

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People always talk about

People always talk about Micheal Cooper's defensive skills....But they forgot he served as Magic's backup at times...He was really versatile......Cooper's presence in the lineup,relieved Magic of some of the playmaking and Magic to have some big scoring games....

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must of been nice

I've read his Book of Basketball and I know Simmons's life at home wasn't perfect growing up, but I'll be damned if there is anything much cooler than having the season tickets that him and his dad had while growing up, watching one of the greatest teams in one of the greatest eras of basketball.

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Spoiled brat

Spoiled brat

Chilbert arenas
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His parents got divorced over

His parents got divorced over those tickets haha.

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Is it just me?

I always thought Simmons was kind of a Boston-biased, annoying douche. Of course, I generally don't think anything good can come out of Boston, but I think I'm justified on this one.

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