The 15 Best McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest Performances

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The 15 Best McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest Performances

Special thanks to Daniel Friedman for SLAM. These are his rankings, just kind of awesome to have all of these videos of some fantastic McDonald's All-American SLAM dunk competitors, many of whom went onto NBA stardom. Here is the link to the original article:

Thought I might as well give the list here as well, for those who want them in one place:

15. Amare Stoudemire, 2002:

14. Chase Budinger, 2006:

13. Avery Bradley, 2009:

12. Baron Davis, 1997:

11. Josh Selby, 2010

10. Perry Jones III, 2010:

9. Stromile Swift, 1998:

8. Carmelo Anthony, 2002:

7. JR Smith, 2004:

6. Candace Parker, 2004:

5. Blake Griffin, 2007:

4. DeMar Derozan, 2008:

3. David Lee and James White, 2001:

2. LeBron James, 2003:

1. Vince Carter, 1995:

They left off anyone competing this year, though I do not know where I would rank this group as a full performance. Think the judging was particularly awful and kind of put an overall damper on things. Of course they left off some great individual dunks off this list, Shannon Brown's statue of liberty in 2003 was pretty awesome. Well, I know this has been posted, just in case you want to see this years video and judge it next to some of the all-time greats.

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Love it, but for real, NO

Love it, but for real, NO GERALD GREEN?!?!

Also Í think JR Smiths tap the backboard bring it to the otherside of rim dunk is one of the most underrated dunks in history of dunk contests, I remember watching that live and losing my mind and trying it on a 8 foot hoop haha

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I'm not sexist

But seriously I hated that Candace Parker dunk contest. Like just hated it it was terrible

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