10 years from now

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10 years from now

Lets take a trip to the future. !0 years from now, what will be going on in the NBA? Will LeBron still be playing? Will Durant win an MVP? What will the 2nd half of derrek rose' career be like? Would the Heat have made a complete dynasty? Who are the up and coming stars....

Its just really scary to think about all of the new talent on the NBA Horizon.
I mean pretty soon Wiggins,Parker,Randle,Vonleh, Seldon...etc will be in NBA uniforms. I wonder who will live up to the hype, who wont, and who exceeded expectations.

Its just scary because i can picture a guy like Jahlil Okafor being the next great big man.

I wonder how this new kid Seventh Woods will turn on.

I wonder if andrew wiggins will give lebron a run for his money

I wonder about the new players that we dont know about yet

All i know is that this is a very exciting time in basketball.

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Will melo ever win a

Will melo ever win a title....

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Will Dwight Howard win one?

Will Dwight Howard win one?

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I think if guys like Grant

I think if guys like Grant Hill, Kurt Thomas, and maybe even soon Steve Nash can play until they are 40 then I don't see why not LeBron can still be in the league at 40.

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I think it would be great

I think it would be great seeing a 43 year old lebron coming off the bench winning his 5th or 6th title in 15 years. I think he is the kind of player that would be willing to play past when he was a star and be a sixth or 7th man on a championship team, and I would have a ton of respect for him if he was willing to do that, not many elite players play to a point where they are just role players. I know a lot of people wouldnt want to see it, but I would love to watch lebron as long as possible. If 40 year old jordan was playing for a contender instead of the wizards his second comeback would have been a lot better

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Phila9012, this post paints a

Phila9012, this post paints a great image. An old Lebron playing within a similar role that Jason Kidd does right....helping a team win a title. These are the players that I have grown up watching so seeing them in their twilight years will be such a sight. I feel like sports get better after age. Once you're older you see different generations of players, and develop attachments to up and comers.

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Let's just say it is a great

Let's just say it is a great time to be a basketball fan. Even international basketball looks like it is becoming more competitive with a lot youth in Canada and Australia (to name a few).

You have a young NBA players in Durant, Westbrook, Griffin, George, Harden, Curry, Rose (when healthy) being focals of their teams and none older than 24 years old. Others like Wall, Irving, Lillard growing daily waiting for opportunity.

I am just excited about basketball in general!!!

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If you're assuming all of the

If you're assuming all of the prospects in the 2014 draft are going to pan out to be stars, you're tripping balls.

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Will Chris Paul ever win a

Will Chris Paul ever win a title?

Will Russ and KD end up being ONE of the best duo's ever to NOT win a title???!!!

Only time will tell???

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Lebron, like Kobe until

Lebron, like Kobe until recently, has been blessed with good health, I can easily see him playing until 40 if it takes him that long to catch up to Kobe and Jordan for rings.

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