10 underrated MJ facts that are way more telling of his greatness than "6 rings"

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10 underrated MJ facts that are way more telling of his greatness than "6 rings"

1) Undefeated against lower seeds in the playoffs (Never lost a series with HCA = NEVER CHOKED)

2) Undefeated in the NBA Finals

3) Never missed a game during the 2nd 3peat even though he was 33, 34 and 35 years old

4) Won MVP, a scoring title, a DPOY, a steal title and led the league in minutes per game in the same year (iron man)

5) After his rookie season, led the league in PER EVERY single season until his first retirement (also known "his prime 1986-1993)

6) Led the league in Win Shares EVERY single season he played for the Bulls except his rookie year and his final year.. both times he was... SECOND

7) Despite his high usage and leading the league 3 times in minutes played and twice in minutes per game, only ONCE finished in the top 5 in TOTAL TURNOVERS (in his rookie season). Kobe, for example, never led the league in minutes and minutes per game but has FOUR top 5 finishes in total turnovers.

8) Common belief says MJ was babied by the refs and the league. In his first 3peat, prime MJ shot 571, 491 and 476 free throws in each season. Prime Kobe (2005-08) shot 696, 667 and 623 FTs each season. HELL, young James Harden shot 792 FTs this season. A staggering 301 more FTs than Dream Team's Jordan.

9) As a Bull, he played 82 games an amazing EIGHT times. In his final season as a Wizard, he played 82 games once more as a 40 year old man.

10) After opening the season in 1990 0-3, he never allowed the Bulls to lose 3 games in a row again until his retirement in 1998.

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A lot of the younger generation never got to truly appreciate how efficient, durable and exciting MJ was.

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