10 Teams Banned from Dancing in 2013

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10 Teams Banned from Dancing in 2013

Recruiting violations against the University of Connecticut basketball program have left them out of the 2013 NCAA tournament, according to FOX News.

A surprising number of schools will be joining UConn in the postseason ban.

Under the NCAA's new points system that rewards schools on a very vague scale of academic progress, UConn will be joined by Jacksonville State, Mississippi Valley State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Towson, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, UC Riverside, UNC- Wilmington and Toledo.

Cal State-Bakersfield is also banned from the postseason. However, they have submitted an appeal, which is under review.

Under the new provisions, which have been around since only last October, schools are judged on a 4-year academic progress rating. The highest score possible is 1,000.

Falling under the mandatory 900 point mark makes a school ineligible to compete in the postseason tournament. UConn Athletic Director Warde Manuel was not shy about letting his feelings on the matter be heard.

"It gave the illusion that institutions had time to adjust to the legislation," he said. "Yet the data had already been submitted under a different penalty structure, one that would not have excluded our men's basketball team from participating in the postseason.

"The approach to APR marks the first time in the history of the NCAA that it has ever implemented an academic rule significantly impacting current student-athletes without allowing the members time to adjust to the adoption of the legislation."

The NCAA has eluded to the fact that a total of 15 teams will miss the possibility to be in postseason play. To put this in perspective, only eight schools were ineligible in the 2012 tournament.

McDunkins opinion: Just means more room for The New Jersey Institute of Technology to get their Cinderella on...But honestly UCONNs ban isnt news anymore and the rest of those teams were long shots to make the tourney anyway...I mean look at Towsons record last season I think they would have had not being in the big dance on lock already.

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you a Trenton State alumn?

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