10 Random Opinions after Week 1 of NBA.

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10 Random Opinions after Week 1 of NBA.

1. Surprisingly, Heats are winning not bc of their offense but bc of their defense

2. Lakers are cruising, and too little credit is given to Lamar Odom.

3. John Wall is the top 3 fastest players with the ball in transition in the NBA already.


5. I know Blake Griffin is good, but have you guys noticed other than dunks, the only go to move he has is one power dribble away from the basket, spin toward the basket, and bank it in.

6. Rajon Rondo is a better passer than most people give him credit for, and he has a knack for finding the open man. However, he is still not a good scorer or shooter. I think the defensing team should stop paying so much attention on Rando, and focus on not getting other celtics to get open.

7. Clippers still look like the same old Clippers. They only play first half of the game, and give up for the rest of the game.

8. I dont remember the last time a NBA game was postponed. Feel bad for the fans who came all the way from Europe to watch this.

9. MJ might be a great player but he is a horrible manager and owner. The Bobcats surprised a few people by making their first playoff appearance last season. One would think their legendary owner MJ would now finally try harder to get more pieces for Larry Brown to work with and make this team a legit contender. Instead, they made no significant move, and now Bobcats are struggling.

10. With all the talents, are the 76ers really that bad?

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1. It's not surprising to me.

1. It's not surprising to me. With three ball dominant offensive players, it's not surprising that their offense is stagnant. It's going to take time to develop chemistry. Defense is another story. That's what they focused on during camp. LeBron and Wade cover a lot of ground defensively, so it's no surprise they're clicking on D.

2. I think Lamar is getting plenty of credit.

3. He may be the fastest.

4. Why? He can't defend.

5. Right. Griffin's low post game is below average in my opinion. He's too slow in the post. He needs to go faster and develop a go to move. He's getting better.

6. I agree with you.

7. I agree with you. Clippers suck.

8. Yea, that had to suck big time.

9. You have to be patient. The Bobcats aren't really in a good enough financial situation to make moves. I believe MJ will be a better owner than he was a president, etc.

10. They have young guards and a weak front court. There were people on this site predicting them to have a shot at the playoffs. I don't think so. They'll be better than last season, but this is still a lottery team.

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1-agreed but really not sure

1-agreed but really not sure this is surprising. Heat have been talking all off season about defense and both lebron and wade are leite defenders.




5-havent watched enough to notice blakes offensive repetoire, but that sounds about right. It will take him time and his lack of go to offensive moves is why im really hesitant to bring up the karl malone comparison we hear a lot.

6-he has much less impact against the lakers every time they play for the exact reason you mention. Play off him by 10 feet and help on others and make rondo score.


8-i've heard of games postponed before, but yeah it sucks.

9- so far jordan has done nothing to suggest he is a good owner/gm. However, i have as much patience for gm's as anyone and i think it takes a long time for us to adequately judge how the front office doing.

10-give it time for the sixers. I still predict they make the playoffs.

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