A-10 Basketball

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A-10 Basketball

Butler vs Temple
Will butler lose there second game this week in A-10 play. The win against Gonzaga is over now it's time to take care of business. Will they pull off the win or will polished Temple give them a run for there money

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Temple will certainly give

Temple will certainly give them a run for their money, Temple will give any team in the nation a run for the money as their style of basketball is a giant killer. Temple outplayed Kansas and should of won that game had they not got cheated by the refs. I rarely ever blame the refs for anything but that Temple Kansas game was ridiculous especially at the end.

Khalif Wyatt has really come on too as of late and is the best guard in the A-10 right now and one of the most complete and polished guards in the whole country. I expect Temples defense and ball movement to upset Butler.

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