The 1 on 1 game we all want 2 see.

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The 1 on 1 game we all want 2 see.

So i want 2 get people opinions about the 1 on 1 game everyone wishes they could see..........Kobe versus Jordan. They would play to 21. wat would the final score be and who would win? now i kno for almost all of you Jordan would be the winner but i wonder is there anyone out there who thinks kobe could suprise jordan. Im a kobe fan myself but i want ur opinions.

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not hating but what does this have to do with the draft?

and if they are both in their primes, then MJ

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i think its a close game,

i think its a close game, kobe is a better offensive player, but he couldnt stop jordan. while jordan would make a few stops. i think the final score would be 21-17. next time just post it on the nba forum.

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jordan...he has better D and

jordan...he has better D and push kobe around a bit due to the fact he was a little stronger

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Kobe will not win but that because its MJ!
The only thing Kobes got is D.

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Jordan wins. Anyone who says

Jordan wins. Anyone who says otherwise has a problem.

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