'08 Draft Class vs.'09 Draft Class

Just a friendly game of two composed NBA rosters from two solid drafts. Let's look at the lineups:

'08 Class:

PG- Derrick Rose SG- OJ Mayo SF- Mike Beasley PF- Kevin Love C- Brook Lopez

Reserves: Russel Westbrook, Courtney Lee, Anthony Randolph, JJ Hickson, Omer Asik, George Hill, Nicolas Batum

'09 Class:

PG- Tyreke Evans, SG- James Harden, SF- Terrence Williams PF- Blake Griffin C-Hasheem Thabeet

Reserves: Brandon Jennings, Stephen Curry, Jrue Holiday, Austin Daye, Chase Budinger, Darren Collison, Demar Derozan

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terrence williams as the

terrence williams as the starting 3 over derozan?

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Yeah some changes in the

Yeah some changes in the starting lineups like Mayo would never start over Westbrook either.

But I like the 08 class in a one point game. The difference will be Thabeet attempting to draw a charge under the basket with his hands down while Rose lays the ball up easily over his shoulders as Blake watches on the weakside thinking if this was an oop he would jump for it.

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thumbs up for giving Terrence Williams the start

No coach in the NBA is willing to give him minutes but he has good size, great strength, he can rebound, pass, and score. Its too bad he has to sit on the bench all the time. I think it is because he has an attitude problem.

As far as Terrence Williams vs. Demar Derozen. Double De is one of the top athletes in this league I just dont think his skills have fully developed yet. He is definitely improving but if we were to compare them today Williams is a much more skillful player that can do more things on the court and he is also quite the athlete.

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Terrence Williams has AMAZING all-around skills, I think he had one or two triple doubles a rookie in Jersey. Derozan is athletic, but I promise you that Williams is a beast too. He is a great ball handler and passer to be 6-6 and he is quick. Like you said, he doesn't get enough burn for some reason or another. Bring him to LA! We will use his talents to the fullest! Lol.

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