“Le poster absolut” throws down first great international dunk of 2011

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“Le poster absolut” throws down first great international dunk of 2011

But you know what the crazy thing about Europe is? It’s the little differences. I mean, they got the same s*** over there that we have over here, it’s just a little different. For example, in France, they play basketball, but they call it “Le Basket.” And when a guy posterizes another guy, they don’t say “posterize,” they say “Le Poster.”

And thus far Diabate Souleyman has turned in Le première poster grand for 2011 in the LNB. Late in what would become a 77-65 loss for his top-of-the-table Chorale Roanne against Asvel Basket on Friday night, the Nigerian was apparently still taking things personal: The 183cm (6’0”)-tall guard achieved liftoff far from the basket to soar above the hopelessly outmatched Cliff Hammonds for quite the Royale.

Enthuses the play-by-play man in the Sport Direct broadcast, < >, to which the slightly more sangfroid color guy nevertheless adds, < >.

Check out the video below; after a few viewings, check out Hammonds’ immediate reaction. You can basically see the thought bubble filled with something along the lines of “Damn, that’s gonna go viral.”

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I love the broadcasters

I love the broadcasters reaction it was like the World Cup

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hes lame for that

im mad he jus walked off after he dunked and showed no emotion. I woulda been all in the other players face laughin or goin f*ckin nutz

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