Courtney Fortson Interview

Tue, 06/22/2010 - 5:58pm

By Rashad Smith

Courtney Fortson was the starting point guard in his sophomore year for the Arkansas Razorbacks this past season. Fortson was a second-team All-SEC player last season, leading the Razorbacks with 17.9 points per game. He was also the SEC's leading assist person in league games, with 5.9 per game.

The 5-11 point guard’s up-tempo play and nifty drives to the hole show that big things really do come in small packages. Drawing comparisons to current NBA point guards, Fortson hopes to be among them in the near future.

Courtney FortsonCourtney I’ve watched you play and I noticed that you have amazing body control and a great ability to absorb contact for the finish.

Courtney Fortson: Yes, thanks. Did you play any other sports when you were coming up?

Courtney Fortson: Yes, I used to play a lot of football. I played QB and did a lot of running from those big guys on the field. I didn’t start playing (basket) ball until I was 15. Has your playing style drawn comparisons to any other point guards?

Courtney Fortson: Yeah, a lot of people compare me to Rajon Rondo. In terms of the high basketball IQ and we also play on both sides of the ball. After personally watching your highlights, another player comes to mind- Brandon Jennings.

Courtney Fortson: Yeah, Buck. I’ve heard that name too. Were you ever looked down on because of your height?

Courtney Fortson: Yeah. Every level that I have made it to, I have been knocked on because of my height. What players do you like to watch?

Courtney Fortson: D. Wade, LeBron of course, and David Lee because of his consistency. He goes out there every night, no matter what, and puts up numbers. I see that you went to Patterson Prep High School. Did you play with Jordan Hill, or Wesley Johnson?

Courtney Fortson: No. I played with Nate Miles and I also played with Darius Johnson-Odom from Marquette. What made you decide to attend Arkansas?

Courtney Fortson: I attended because of Coach Pelphrey, who was at South Alabama. Did you every get to play with Gary Ervin (former Razorbacks point guard)?

Courtney Fortson: We only got to play in pick up games. He was on his way out when I came into the program. Gary’s pretty good. How do you think you performed this year for Arkansas?

Courtney Fortson: Coming off of a 14 game suspension and not being conditioned, I believe that I played well. That first game against Texas took a little time for me to get into game shape, but I was fine. What aspects of your game do you believe you should improve?

Courtney Fortson: My outside jumper. My mid-range shot is more consistent, leading through the form up. What was your favorite moment this past season?

Courtney Fortson: It had to be the 33 points in one half (referring to a home game against Mississippi State in which he scored 33 points in the second half en route to a win. He finished with 35 points for the game). Are there any particular college ballers that you enjoy competing against?

Courtney Fortson: Dee Bost from Mississippi State. Jarvis Varnado, one of the best shot-blockers in the nation. Devan Downey and of course the University of Kentucky guards. So do you have any idea of when you will be taken in the draft?

Courtney Fortson: Going off of buzz, we’re thinking anywhere in the second round. Where do you feel you rank in comparison to other guards in the draft?

Courtney Fortson: I think I’m right there to be honest. There aren’t any stats to prove otherwise. The only thing is that I wasn’t on television as much. How have team workouts been going so far?

Courtney Fortson: They’re all going good. I think I surprised a lot of teams with my shooting. What teams have you worked out for?

Courtney Fortson: Houston, Minnesota, New York (6/15), and Dallas (6/16). Do you have anymore workouts scheduled before the draft?

Courtney Fortson: Well I might have a few. Some teams might call me in to workout before draft day.

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