Corey Fisher Interview

Sat, 02/19/2011 - 10:28am

Villanova Senior point Corey Fisher guard embodies the toughness of the area of NYC he comes from, the Bronx. On Saturday, Fisher went off for 34 points, knocking down a game tying 3 pointer in the closing seconds and willing the Wildcats to victory in overtime. We caught up with Fisher to discuss his start his season, his game and his future. We previously interviewed Fisher in August after his incredible 105 point Summer League game.

Corey FisherCorey
How did you first become interested in basketball?

Corey Fisher: Basketball was just a way of life where I grew up. I started playing on the monkey bars and just fell in love from there. Which player did you grow up emulating?

Corey Fisher: Andre Barrett, Kenny Satterfield Does being a senior give you an edge over the underclassmen that will enter the draft this year?

Corey Fisher:
Yes because I have the benefit of knowing what it takes to compete and succeed in the best conference in America Does playing in the Big East give you an advantage over other NBA prospects?

Corey Fisher: Yes because our conference is so talented from top to bottom, its very physical, we never get a night off in the Big East. There are so many different styles to prepare for and I believe that me playing against some many different schemes will prepare me for the diversity of the NBA systems Are you ready to contribute to an NBA team right away and what type of role do you see yourself playing?

Corey Fisher:
Yes I am ready to contribute, I see myself as a student of the game. Im willing to play whatever role a team wants me to. I just think its an honor to play in the nba and Im willing to do whatever it takes to get there and stay there for a long time. I just want to soak up all the knowledge I can from veterans so I am best prepared to help my team win
What aspect to your game do you feel you need to work on most?

Corey Fisher: Probably my jump shot and defense. Those are the areas of my game that I want to improve on in order to be an effective NBA player. I need to be able to knock down open shots that's a very important part about being a professional.
What sets you apart from other players?

Corey Fisher: My competitiveness. I love to compete and everyday I strive to get better in some way. Everyday I challenge myself to work and improve on something and hopefully my approach will help me reach my ultimate goal which is to be an NBA player and an NCAA champion

Corey FisherCorey How are you able to improve every season?

Corey Fisher: In the summer I work in Jersey with a trainer named D-train. He helps me improve to upon my overall game. Every summer I try to start preparing for the season. I have spent a lot of time at Villanova over the past few summers and I think it has helped my development as a player You are coming off a big win over Seton Hall. Does playing in New Jersey where you played hs basketball mean a lot to you.

Corey Fisher: Definitely anytime I play in NJ or NY those are special games to me because my family and friends are there and everyone has been so supportive to me throughout my career so I definitely get up for those games How do you feel about your individual/ team performance this season?

Corey Fisher: Individually I feel like Im doing pretty well but to be honest Im more concerned about getting wins and being able to contend for a national championship. Its my goal to be a ncaa champion and professional basketball player so I feel like with each win Im getting closer to my individual and our team goals. Ultimately I just want to carry on the tradition that players like Allan Ray, Mike Nardi, Randy Foye, Kerry Kittles and Kyle Lowry have set. They set the bar so high and at Nova the only thing that matters is continuing to win and get better everyday. Which NBA player would you compare your game to?

Corey Fisher: Raymond Felton, he's a player that I have been watching since he was in college. He was the leader of the 2005 championship game and winning an NCAA championship is my overall goal. People underrate how important Raymond Felton was to North Carolina, he was the catalyst of the team and then in Charlotte he helped take that franchise to the playoffs and still didn't get the recognition he deserved. Now that he is playing for the Knicks I love him even more because I grew up a Knicks fan Who is the best player that you have played against?

Corey Fisher: O.J. Mayo. Me and O.J had a battle in HS my senior year, people to this day still tell me how great the game was. O.J was very versatile and he was an ultimate competitor

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