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Mon, 08/23/2010 - 1:55pm

Often considered the “Mecca of basketball”, New York has as rich a basketball tradition as any place on Earth. As the saying goes,”If you can make a name for yourself (playing) in New York, you can make a name for yourself anywhere.” In that case, it may be time for the rest of the world to take serious notice of Corey Fisher. Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard how the Villanova senior guard set scored 105 points in a summer league game on August 7th. Fisher, a Bronx native, recently took time sat down with during this past weekend’s Golden Hoops tournament in New York, and talked about the now-legendary game as well as what we can expect from his Villanova squad this up-coming season.

Corey FisherCorey Corey thanks for granting us this interview. You probably know where I’m going to go with this first question, but we have to put all doubts to bed, the 105 points, it happened right?

Corey Fisher: Yeah, it happened. That’s truly amazing. I have a couple different accounts that I’ve read here, and you tell me which ones are true. I have 23-28 from three point range, 72 points in the second half, and 71 after 3?

Corey Fisher: Yeah that’s all correct.

NBA Unreal. At what point did you think that scoring triple digits was a realistic possibility?

Corey Fisher: Honestly, I didn’t really even know about it until like the whole crowd kept saying “You’ve almost got a hundred.” That was late in the game, and then I got put on the foul line and people near the court kept telling me I had a hundred. After that I just kept playing and eventually got subbed out of the game. Did you ever have any idea that you’d get the kind of publicity that you have from this game? And at what point did it hit you that this thing was a big deal?

Corey Fisher: I knew it was big, but I didn’t know it’d be quite like this. The next day everybody was calling me saying I was a Twitter topic and that people were talking about it on Pardon the Interruption and all over ESPN. Then my coaches called and we talked about it a little, so from then on it has kind have taken off. A guy you have played against before, Brandon Jennings, said following his 55-point game this season that it was both “like a gift and a curse”, are you at all worried that this game could have a similar effect on you?

Corey Fisher: Not really. I’m just going to put it behind me. Like Brandon said, that’s exactly what it is, a gift and a curse. A lot of people want to talk about it and this and that, but I really just have to stay focused on my team and the year and everything will turn out good.

Corey FisherCorey Being from NY, I’m sure you’ve grown up hearing stories of all the legends that came through. Now that you’ve broken Fly Williams’ record, how does it feel to know that your name will now forever be included in that history?

Corey Fisher: It’s always an honor being in the same reference as all the kings of New York. I know it’s a great honor and I just have to stay humble and try to get ready for a big year and lead my team. That’s right, the season is right around the corner for you guys. Talk a little about your off-season conditioning. What's an average day like for you in the summer preparing for the season?

Corey Fisher: An average day? I’m just taking a lot of shots right now. I start classes Monday, but I’m just shooting every day, really trying to work on my shot. I’ve taken these past couple days and really started getting ready for school and for a big year. With the college basketball season approaching, how do you feel about the team so far? Lots of people have said this seems like it could have the makings of a special team, have you gotten that feeling at all?

Corey Fisher: Yeah, even though we lost two great players, we really have a lot of guys who play hard night in and night out. Last year we lost to Saint Mary’s and the year before that in the Final Four, so this year we really have to just stay humble and get better and learn throughout the season. You guys lost a major part of last year’s offense with the departure of your leading scorer, Scottie Reynolds. How do you see your role with the team changing in his absence? What’s something we can expect to see from Corey Fisher that maybe we hadn’t seen during your previous 3 years at Villanova?

Corey Fisher: Nothing is going to change on the floor. In the locker room I might just look to help some of the younger guys out, but on the floor I just worry about what Coach Wright tells me to do. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win ballgames. At the end of the day, if we win then we’re going to be alright. It’s not all about me. All I know is that I’m trying to win. Lots of people are questioning whether or not you and sophomore guard Maalik Wayns can co-exist in the same backcourt, but it seems to me like Villanova being guard-heavy is probably nothing you’re not used to. In your opinion what’s it going to take for you and your team to collectively have a successful season?

Corey Fisher: Defense is going to get us there. The offense will come. We’re not going to be on every night, but if you play defense then you have a chance to be in games. You mention Maalik and how people question whether or we’ll be able to play together, but I think people are really going to see something special this year when we are on the floor together. I think we’ll be something to watch. So you were part of the Golden Hoops tournament in Brooklyn on Saturday the 21st, hosted by Kenny Smith, tell us a little bit about the tournament.

Corey Fisher: There were some good teams here from New York, Upstate, Philadelphia, New Jersey. Some of the top high-school guys are came in and played hard. I’m was actually just there watching the games. It’s always good to watch basketball, and afterwards I’m planning on heading straight back to school.

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Corey being recognized for

Corey being recognized for his accomplishment makes me proud to be from the Bronx.

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