Patrick Christopher Interview

Sun, 09/21/2008 - 8:10pm

By Michael Jean Baptiste


Patrick Christopher

After playing in the shadow of Ryan Anderson and DeVon Hardin, Cal's talented shooting guard is ready to take over the reins as leader of the Golden Bears. Emerging Pac-Ten star Patrick Christopher has had two excellent seasons with Cal averaging 15.2 ppg as a sophomore. We recently caught up with Patrick to discuss his summer, the team and future basketball plans.

MJB: How did your summer go? What type of stuff did you do over the summer to work on your game?

PC: Summer went well. I traveled, first I went to the Paul Pierce Skills Academy then I took a break, then Lebron's Skills Academy with 21 to 22 college players from around the country. I got the chance play against and compete with those guys. We have a different coaching staff now at Cal, so just a lot of workouts practicing my ball handling skills. Just a lot of repetitions.

MJB: What changes do you expect with Coach Montgomery leading the team as opposed to Coach Braun?

PC: They're two great coaches. Coach Montgomery has more of a style that has discipline and has been very successful. We are going to be defensive minded and you can look for to a lot winning as well.

MJB: What area of your game needs the most work? Greatest strength?

PC: Defending and looking to get back more are areas I need to work on and my greatest strength is the ability to score in a lot different ways.

MJB: Has your god brother Tayshaun Prince given any advice to help you improve your game?

PC: Actually I talked to him today. He keeps me focused, grounded, just tells me to work on things specifically, always there like a big brother.

MJB: Is there any past or present NBA player you admire or patent your game after?

PC: I really like Brandon Roy's game and obviously Michael Jordan.

MJB: You had a breakout year last year, what type of personal goals do you have for the upcoming season?

PC: That's kind of tough, although I had individual success my team has underachieved the last two years. My main goal is sacrificing my individual goals for team success. Just seeing the success that winning programs have had and how having a player that may score a lot can actually be detrimental. At the end of the day a winning team's player is going to be more sought after at the next level. I'm working at doing the things to help us win and getting my teammates involved, competing for a Pac-10 championship and my main goal is to get to the tournament. Two years I haven't been there we made it to the NIT, so to get to the NCAA tournament is my main focus.

MJB: What is one aspect of your game that you think gets overlooked?

PC: Me as a player take my season with 25 to 26 wins and I would probably be looked as a different player. Once we start winning all that will change

MJB: Who else do you think will improve this season?

PC: (PG) Jerome (Randle) is back. My whole team is a sleeper team and I like it that way. The element of surprise. We have a good team that can creep up on everybody. (PG) Nican Robinson was out last year due to a hip injury he's back at 100%. (PF) Jordan Wilkes is a sleeper and is very excited for the season to come around

MJB: Speaking of teammates, Ryan Anderson and DeVon Hardin will be missed, how do you think they will adjust to playing professionally?

PC: Ryan put together two great seasons. He played so well he kind of had to leave. He can step out and shoot it so he will adjust pretty well. DeVon has athletic abilities, once he gets some post moves he will be okay but that athleticism they can work with.

MJB: How will Cal try to replace these two in the front court?

PC: Player wise, Jamal (Boykin) Jordan (Wilkes) and Harper (Camp) with Coach Montgomery just discipline defensively being real scrappy and just having a will to win.

MJB: What kind of season can Cal fans expect from the team next year?

PC: A winning season plain and simple.

MJB: Have you given any thought to leaving school early or is that something you will assess after this season?

PC: That's something you know I've got sit down and talk to my family and my coach about after this season but like I said my main concern is getting to the tournament, winning the Pac-10 handling business once that's done everything should speak for itself and everything else should kind of happen once I accomplish those goals.

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