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Player of the Week

Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga Bulldogs

Kelly OlynykKelly OlynykThe legit 7 footer is having a terrific season and this week was no different as he had 26 points and 9 rebounds against BYU. The big man is averaging 18ppg on 66% shooting in only 25mpg. Olynyk is also ranked among the top 5 in NCAA PER. The Zags went 2-0 last week after falling to #9 Butler.

Who’s Hot

Indiana State

The Sycamores went 2-0 over the last week with a win at home against University of Northern Iowa and an upset win on the road against Wichita State. The Sycamores will be a team to watch in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament as they could possibly take a seed away from a bubble team with an upset.

Nate Wolters and South Dakota State

Wolters is currently playing very well having led his team to a 6-1 record in the month of January. Wolters is currently averaging 21ppg, 6apg, and 6rpg in his senior campaign.

Who’s Cold

Anthony Bennett, UNLV

The potential lottery pick has cooled off over his last four games, his shot attempts have decreased and it seems as though he has hit the freshman wall, though he has picked it up some over his past two games. It will be interesting to see how he performs over the next week and throughout the month of February.

Mid Major Players NCAA PER Ranking

[Player: Mike Muscala, Bucknell (37.41 PER 1st overall)

Muscala is currently averaging 19.5ppg, 11rpg, and 2.9bpg

Kelly Olynyk, Gonzaga (36.45PER 2nd Overall)

Olynyk is averaging 18.2ppg and 7rpg while leading the 9th ranked Zags; on a team many call the best in school history.

Doug McDermott, Creighton University (33.46 PER 3rd Overall)

McDermott is the NPOY favorite this year and has lived up to the hype leading his #23 ranked Jay’s so far this season. He’s averaging 23.7ppg and 7.2rpg

Zeke Marshall, Akron (31.26 PER 7th Overall)

The 7 footer is currently averaging 12.6ppg and 6.7rpg, while shooting 68% from the field. He had major Division one offers but passed to stay at home. He will get a fair look from the NBA and could end up being a Joel Anthony type player.

Anthony Bennett, UNLV (30.14 PER 12th Overall)

Bennett has fallen from earlier in the year being in the top five nationally in PER. He is clearly the best freshman in the nation and is averaging 18ppg and 9rpg in 27mpg.

Six Mid Major teams ranked in the Top 25

7. Gonzaga

9. Butler

15. Wichita St.

20. New Mexico

21. Creighton

22. San Diego St.

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