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Player of the Week

Jeff Withey

Jeff WitheyJeff WitheyIt wasn’t a week where Withey put up a triple-double (or a double-double for that matter) or even had a big scoring output. In fact, it was essentially just a typical week for Withey. But with no true standouts, Withey’s average is still better than pretty much everyone else’s best in terms of impact on a game. The senior big man is well on his way to making an All American team, and KU might be the hottest team in the entire country right now, and could possibly be the #1 overall seed come tourney time.

Who’s Hot

Isaiah Austin, Baylor

He hasn’t been incredibly efficient but he’s got three double-doubles in his past four games, including the 21 and 21 he put up tonight. I may not be a big fan of his pro prospects, but at the college level Austin is definitely a big-time player and huge gamechanger.

Phil Forte, Will Clyburn

Who’s Not

Sheldon McClellan, Texas

I’m not going to go into much detail here. I recently wrote that things appeared to be changing with him spending time on the bench, and as soon as he gets moved back into the starting lineup he’s efficiency plummeted once again.

Elijah Johnson, Jabarie Hinds

Top 5 Seniors

1. Jeff Withey

2. Pierre Jackson

3. Will Clyburn

4. Rodney McGruder

5. Romero Osby

HM: Travis Releford

Conference Standings

1. Kansas 19-1 (7-0)

2. Oklahoma 14-5 (5-2)

3. Baylor 14-6 (5-2)

4. Kansas State 15-4 (4-2)

5. Iowa State 14-5 (4-2)

6. Oklahoma State 13-5 (3-3)

7. Texas Tech 9-9 (2-5)

8. West Virginia 9-11 (2-5)

9. Texas 9-10 (1-5)

10. TCU 9-11 (0-7)

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