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April 24th

Impending NBA Lockout's Effect on 2011, 2012 NBA Draft's

Sun, 04/24/2011 - 9:00pm

There is going to be an NBA lockout in 2011.

It’s not a question of if at this point, just a matter of how long it will last. As you may have learned in the past few months as you’ve been berated by an endless drudge of NFL lockout coverage when trying to catch a few hoops highlights, this doesn’t necessarily mean that games will be canceled. But there is no doubt the NBA lockout will directly affect some aspects of the NBA.

Most notably, it’s already had an impact on the 2011 Draft.

Genes, hard work combined to help Otto Porter excel

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April 23rd

Lithuanian big man opts for draft

Racine Journal-Times
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Miljenović moved to Partizan

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April 22nd

April 21st

Josh Selby story exposes one-and-done

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